What am I?

I just dug out the blood test that was done in 2000 to determine whether I was GAD positive. I was never given a clear yes or no. My endo (of the past 2 years) keeps saying, “I think you’re Type 2” because metformin reduces my insulin requirements. I was diagnosed at 32 y.o.

The test results are ICA Titer 1:4; ICA Result pos; GAD index -0.02; GAD result Neg; IA2 Index 0.009; IA2 Result Neg. At the time the test was done, I was told I was “on the cusp” of GAD positive.

I am a small person (120 lbs) who takes a total of 27 units a day of insulin (lantus and pre-meal R) plus 500 mg Metformin at bkfst and dinner.

I’d like to get more involved in research trials which often are looking for “Type 1”, but I’m not really sure what I am. Any insights would be much appreciated.

Hi Etta: I don’t know how to interpret your particular test results, but I do know that if you are antibody positive (and it appears that you are) you have Type 1 diabetes. Antibodies that are indicative of immune-mediated diabetes are not present in Type 2 diabetes. Also, based on your daily insulin use, you certainly are not insulin resistant (which is a hallmark of Type 2). JDRF has a new setup to match people with Type 1 with clinical trials, you might want to check that out.

Thanks Melitta! I will check out the JDRF website.