What are some good things about having Diabetes

Hi all.

Last night I was with a friend telling him how upset i was about this recent diagnosis. He told me I should make a list of all the good things about having diabetes. I couldn’t quite think of any (through my tears and gloomy mood). Can you guys help me out?

What are some good things / positive side of having this condition?

It makes you watch what you eat closer and think before doing it. May not sound like a good thing but over time it really is better health in the long run.

The best external user controlled pancreases known to man!!! And CGMS rocks too.

No, but seriously, It will force you to take better care of you. It will force you to make concious decisions about every aspect of your life, which will make you a more focused and empowered individual.

(Or you could wind up like a total screw up like I am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol)

It may not seem so now but there will come a time – after the grieving and anger become shadows of what they are now – when the counting and sticking and poking and counting and sticking become less burden and more strategy in a larger game.

In some ways, I feel now like there isn’t anything I can’t handle.

And one of the best things about developing D, in my ever so humble opinion, is having this website from which I can learn, derive inspiration and encouragement, reach out to others – and sometimes just rant.

Well put E V it is a game or can be thought of that way and it is one that you have to win keeps the mind working hard to get the right answer.

It made me wake up and face the music and take better control of my health. I lost 45 lbs in the process and I am very near goal. And although the D didn’t get better, it made me realize the crap and quantity if carbs I was actually eating.

I see life in a new perspective. I was diagnosed during a bout of bilateral pneumonia, and they though much more serious lung disease. I had to have surgery, clean out the lung, and do lung biopsies. All which showed pneumonia (Thank God). I realize that it could have been something MUCH worse - something that wasn’t controllable/manageable. Things don’t bother me as much after this experience. I try to live life to the fullest know realizing what could have been taken away from me. I know it is a cliche - but although I wound up with D, it wasn’t cancer ir something not controllable/manageable for me.

I have much more self control that I did pre-D. I make better decisions. The D has really become part of me (not ALL of me), and is part of whom I am.

Did I mention beer and straight alcohol lower BG too…? Key strategy to keep in mind! I swear Im like no help today! Dont pay any attention to me. Im in my own little world today lol!!!

I concur about the being healthier stuff. You really don’t have any other option but to be healthier in all aspects of life when you have the 'betes but as far as calling that a “good thing” I don’t know. I had big time diabetic rage when I was diagnosed but I never once tried to blow it off or not take it seriously. Try to think of it as a hobby or something and it might help.

I’d wager your friend doesn’t have diabetes or another chronic diease that requires constant monitoring & managing.

Sorry to be a downer, but I don’t see any positive or good things about diabetes. I’ve accepted having it, do everything I can to control it. I stay positive & move forward, but I can’t put a smiley face on diabetes.

…and peanut butter was at the BOTTOM of the list??

Sorry about your friend. Wishing him a long life. A dear friend has been HIV+ for over 20 years & is doing great. Thank heavens amazing progress has been made in treatment. I lost four friends to AIDS in the 80’s. Not in a nice way at all. One of the leading US AIDS/HIV organizations (can’t recall their name now) has been incredibly supportive of diabetes research & is advocating that HIV research dollars go to diabetes research because they don’t need the funds. How cool is that!

I am like you Gerri I don’t see any good things about diabetes. I just accept it and do what I need to do to live with it.

Sorry about your friend also.

When I was a kid I would use diabetes as an excuse to get out of going to school allot. That was cool at the time, but years later I’m still regretting it! I wish I thought there was something good about having diabetes, but I have to agree with Gerri. I can’t find anything good about it either! Quite frankly, I hate it, but have made peace with it. There can always be something worse, but that is the case with everything in life, not just diabetes. You shouldnt feel guilty for hating something that causes harm, or potential harm, to millions of good people. I think it’s healthy and normal to get really upset about it once in a while. Hang in there!


Not to sound weird but if someone told me I had to choose I think I would choose having diabetes as opposed to HIV. Your friend I am sure has some great insight into what it is like to find out you have an incurable disease - I am sure they understand what you are going through a lot better than you think. They sound pretty positive. There is a lot more bad stigma with having AIDS than in having diabetes. I think it would be alot more to deal with.

The only good thing so far is that I lost a bunch of weight - and I didn’t need to lose any! now I am too skinny but it is forcing me to want to build muscle so I don’t look like a pick. So that is good that I am getting off my lazy butt to do this. It has also helped me see that the high carb crap I was eating is no good for me anyhow. Maybe body was trying to send me a message you know? No more bread, Kim! :slight_smile:

The 10 points are from here

1 We are a Family
2 We can gross out squeamish people
3 We know alot about nutrition
4 We know whats important
5 We understand not being perfect
6 We have power
7 We are strong
8 We have a sense of humour
9 We want to help others
10 We are so much more than our disease

I put this post up to try and bring up a smile or 2. Thanks.

I just remembered a good thing about having diabetes. Being able to get thru security checkpoint at the airport with juice boxes in your carry on bag. I only remembered this now because I am up packing my bags now.


Great points Michael. Yes, I find ALL of these to be true so far. The perfectionist thing is hard for me since I have always been one. I am so hard on myself for not being perfect. As time goes on I get better at excepting that I am not but it still bugs me to no end. And now, I have something wrong with me that I CAN’T fix. Unfixable flaws drive a perfectionist crazy. :slight_smile:

I am especially finding that the strong part something new about me - I always thought of myself on the strong side for many things but this - I am surprised at myself. Well, what else can we all do but deal with it the best way we can right? One good thing about it making us stronger is that when other horrible stuff comes around I start thinking “Ah, that is nothing I can’t handle if I can handle diabetes.” It is kinda cool. :slight_smile:

And they miss out on all the fun of carb math and playing with measuring spoons and cups! And doesn’t a diabetic almost always know what time it is?? :slight_smile:

Is that true? I haven’t flown in a long time - oh how I hate the new security rules. Do you have to have a note for this? or be a T1?