What are they gonna do to me?


On October 3rd I have to go to the clinic for my 3 month appointment (yep - almost 3 months since my diagnosis, feels like I've been living with diabetes forever). I guess they'll do my A1C.. But I don't even know what my last one was when I was diagnosed, so I have no idea what that'll be...

Other than that, what would they generally check at a 3 month appointment?


I just had my first 3month follow-up and here’s the bloodwork I had done:

Cholesterol (HDL and LDL)
Liver function

I also had the usual BP check, heart sounds, etc and she glanced at my feet.


My Doctor does an hba1c, cholesterol, checks for protein in urine every 3 months


The doctor will ask how you feel, ask you to present your food and blood glucose logs (you DO have food and blood glucose logs, don’t you?), examine your skin for lesions, check your feet and test for peripheral nerve damage by tickling them.

There are things I always have done BEFORE the exam, one of which is have the blood drawn and tests done a week or two ahead of time. This way the doctor has the results AT THE EXAM and doesn’t have to chase me down with the information or talk to me at my next exam with data that is three months old.

So I’d recommend calling the doctor’s office, finding out what blood work they’re going to do and arranging to have it done ahead of time.

If you haven’t been keeping logs, start now. A week of data is better than none. The more data, the better for you, the doctor and the exam.

Finally, since you’re new to this, if you have questions, write them down, bring them with you and ASK them. If you feel uncomfortable or shy about asking, hand the written questions to the doctor.

Finally, finally, ask for referrals to a diabetes educator, a nutritionist, a podiatrist and/or eye doctor, depending on which one you don’t already know.

Last but not least . . . relax. :slight_smile: Got that?


As long as I’m having my blood drawn, they do a lab blood sugar test, so if I use my meter to test my blood sugar right then, than I can see how off my meter is.


Bring your meter…most doctors will download it and review it with you.


I usually get my A1 tested every six months.My doctor checks my blood pressure,checks my feet and legs for circulation problems.He goes over my blood sugars and makes adjustments where necessary.He also checks my thyroid and kidney function.Diabetes is alot of work but your reward will come when you’ve had it for a long time without complications.Then you can give yourself a pat on the back.