What are your numbers like?

I am going on the edge of burning out. Can you people just describe me your avarage day of you having diabetes.

What are your numbers like? What do you eat?

I just keep thinking that whatever I do is not good enough and I CAN DO BETTER. I just need do see how are you all doing :)

Maybe this gives me the strenght to go on...

Just a tought. Please...

I don't mind sharing my numbers with other people (I don't see them as really 'personal' information).


Thanks Kari, have joined sugarstats, think it should be a useful site.

Well, I vary from the 70's to the 250's for the most part, depending on the time of day and what I eat. I'm eating reduced-carb (NOT low-carb), and it has helped some, but since Christmas, I haven't been able to get under 140 for very long. And I've been taking more insulin than usual.

Diabetes is a life-long job, and you can't afford to burn out. I had a major depression the first part of this year, and it led to me not taking good care of myself, which led to a diabetic coma. Believe me, you DON'T want to go there! I almost died.

Even when it's hard, we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and slog on. If the numbers are less than perfect, either on the high side, or on the low side, you just have to treat it and go on from there. If there's a pattern (I don't usually have patterns because my life is so irregular), maybe something needs a little tweak. If you have a good doc or CDE, that can help a lot (and a bad doc can send you to the hospital, like mine did -- he's fired!)

Just hang in there, OK??

My numbers vary from high 90s to the high 140s, but as long as I keep my allergies in check, I am usually pretty stable at the 120s or there about. I'm starting allergy shots a week from Friday. My allergies are bad pretty much year round now. Something is causing an inflammation, which I can take care of during the day, but dawn effect is still haunting me.

I do eat low carb...Atkins to be exact and get an average of 30 net carbs a day, but I'm only in phase 2 and have been very slow to up that number. Mostly because I'm quite happy with the food I eat and really don't miss much. I've lost 18 lbs since September 1st (with another 50 to go) and my numbers have come down significantly. I also walk 30 minutes on the treadmill most days and am trying out various supplements to help with allergies and diabetes.

There are so many things that can effect our glucose and sometimes it can take awhile to figure out why. Having a good support group really helps.

My numbers have been bonkers today? The CGM doesn’t seem too calibrated, 120= 85 on the meter, w/ 4U of insulin on board, so I eat and then it goes up to 145 on the meter so I dose again, etc. MrsAcidRock and junior are both sick so I’m thinking the germs are here although I’m asymptomatic so far? I am going to have a lot of booze tonight and hope that between booze and another couple of antiseptic 50 mg/dl BG, I can kill the germs? Usually, I do ok though. I try to keep it below about 130 after meals. When I hit 120, I get nervous and compulsively look at my pump…123…125…126…125…whew? It’s probably psychologically unhealthy but well, you know…

Today for me has been SOOO CRAZY. They were fine all morning between 90-120 but when i worked out it dropped to 53 then went up to 220 :/!!! then 194 and right about now i am kinda scared to check because i will probably get a butt chewing from my mom!

Diabetis burnout is no fun, been there so many times I learned to keep on going. There is a book that might help out published by William H. Polonsky, PhD, CDE called "Diabetes Burnout--What to do when you can't take it anymore". The ISBN is 1-58040-033-7 and check with the American Diabetes Association to find where you can find it.

My numbers from from 49 to 160 on a daily average and it sucks when it gets that low but I know when it does, I go into overdrive with milk or a half can of regular pop.

So take care and hope with this blog and many others you will know that there are many of us to help out when needed.

Thank you all! My numbers go between 4,7 to 21,4 (just measured) and i only ate cheese and salad, i am afraid to eat anything more. Something is really wrong with me.