What are your objectives?

I’ve seen so many of you have such good HbA1c. I’ve come down from 8.3 a year ago to 7.4 but am hoping to improve much more. I eat pretty low carb 50-70 MOST of the time. (We live out in the country in Southern France and have lots of friends and family who come by. And….I love to cook. That’s no excuse but those are the facts. Meaning : not always low carb) I still think though that if I tighten my numbers maybe I could do better. For the moment, the goals on my pump are 70 to 160 . I sometimes accept a 180 spike.
My “insulin sensitivity” (correction) seems to work very good. Night numbers usually good too.
Should I do more correcting? Put my goals down to 120,140? What do you advise?

Good job working to make progress while you enjoy life!!

I have my settings at 70-130 and I have a CGM which will buzz me when it hits those numbers (also if the "fall" or "spike" rate get excessive but I've only seen a couple of those...). I love to cook too and am eating more like 120-130G of carbs most of the time with occasional excursions (in-laws encounter with sushi led to a 200G day over the weekend, eek...it was good though. I may have overestimated the carbs as BG was low afterwards...). I regularly run up to 130 but I want a CGM alert when it gets there so I can look and see if it's going 110-117-130 (eek) or 126-129-130 which is ok with me.

I'd say that maybe if your carb "excursions" (although I guess this is your house, rather than going out!), are where you are seeing a lot of spikes, the culprit might be the balance between basal and carb ratios? It's kind of easy to get away with what I would call underbolusing and overbasaling with low carb as the spikes won't get you on a 10-20G of carb food. A shortcoming in carb/insulin ratio may appear more pronounced with an occasional, larger food. I think this is ok but another solution might be to try cutting basal back and having a bit more bolus to tweak the "balance" so there's more bolus insulin to attack the bigger meals to get you a solution closer to where you want to be? Checking my pump now, I'm seeing 56% basal but I also cheat and do like an hour of 200% basal instead of small corrections sometimes. It's a bit more mellow and, when I perceive the CGM start to tick down, I can just turn it off, unlike with an all-at-once bolus.

You probably have a good point there! I hadn't thought of that. I'm going to give that a try. Check out my basals, bring them down and up the I:C. I'm not used to using the temporary basal either but it seems like a good idea.

I saw that someone was talking about correcting 130 before bed. That sounds like a good number to me. So I'll try to bring all the numbers down a little.

Hoping I can enjoy life within reasonable numbers.Think that's possible?? Thanks for answering, acidrock!