What are your readings in the morning?

I take Lantus at night about 20U, I usually wake up between 100 & 130 in my sugar readings. But I noticed If I sneak some carbs the night before I wake up at like 170 or so! Nothing heavy for snacks & sometimes I’ll take my short term. Anyway how are everyone’s mornings readings, do you take a long term Lantus or meds…?

Thanks for the input, sounds like you don’t need as much units. I have cut my units in half during the last year, I wish I could come off insulin altogether. Maybe in a year or so If I really try to get in shape I can almost take hardly any units.

I was told that for a Type 1 diabetic I take a lot of Lantus in the morning and at night. I have to take a split dosage of 28 units morning and 28 units night. I was at 30 units morning and night and I was dropping low by the morning.

Waking up with high numbers is sometimes a sign that you went low during the night and your body produced hormones that caused a rebound and you went high. It’s called the “Somogyi effect”. So it’s possible that:
(1) you gave too little fast-acting insulin for your snack
(2) you gave too much insulin, had a low, then woke up high because of the Somogyi effect

I usually wake up between 100 and 140.

Interesting, I never knew that.

It might be a good idea that some time when you eat the snack and take the fast acting insulin to wake up around 2-3 am and see if your blood sugar is high or low then and then compare it with the morning reading. Might give you more infomation about what is going on!