Im New

Well today I have some Christmas shopping to do I’m New to using Humalog and the whole thing of test calculate carbs and units.

I use 1/2 unit per carb right now and 50 units of lantus at night and 50 in the morning .I was taking 100 at night but my doctor had me try splitting it up and seams to help anyone have any comments on this ?

My doctor has recently changed my lantus dosing as well. I was taking 60 at bedtime but I kept bottoming out in middle of night and then rebounding with a high in morning. I know do 10 at bedtime and 60 at breakfast and it has helped level me out a lot.

When I was on Lantus I also split my dosage and it helped bigtime. Wow I thought I took a lot of insulin. Thanks for posting as I was getting all bummed on the amount of insulin I was taking lately.

I think that taking it in the morning is better than the evening. I’ve tried splitting the Lantus and it worked okay, but I thought taking it in the morning was better.
See, I get an overlap in acting duration of the Lantus even taking the shots a day apart, and having a really predictable overlap in the afternoon - which is what happens if I take it in the morning only- is easy to handle.
Having an overlap in the night is absolutely no good, and that’s what’d happen if I took it at night. Splitting the dose made the overlaps a little too hard to figure out.