What can I do while I wait?

On Tuesday I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. While last year I had full sensation in my feet, I now have a significant loss. I knew this was coming because I have been unable to feel one of my toes since the winter. Luckily, I still have enough circulation to heal a wound. The chiropodist has sent a recommendation that I see a neurologist.
Aside from the numbness, I don’t seem to have the same symtoms as everyone else. There is tingling yet also flashes. They feel like sparks from a campfire except they are inside my arms and legs (mostly at night). That’s it…no real pain. I did have the blisters and rashes but when I stopped taking the drug that I believed was causing the problem, they quickly healed. I have been able to control my numbers too. :slight_smile:
My main concern is the loss of sensation. I don’t want to take any more meds than I have to. Are the meds that everyone recommends in this group for healing or pain? Will I need a prescription?
I have an appointment with a new Family Doctor on Monday. I hope to go in with an understanding of whatever he recommends.

Excuse me, but what are you waiting for!??!?

Appointments. I don’t really know the GP I’ll be seeing on Monday so it will probably be blood tests etc. first. I was told that the appointment with the neurologist will take months.
Thanks for responding Ahmad.

I see, in my experience, exercise and movements helps in making my legs and feet feel better. I don’t think there is any medicine to take that help in fixing things. They all just pain control medicines.

May be try exercising or moving more!?

Thanks Ahmad. If the meds are just for pain, I don’t think I’ll take them. It’s good to know that exercise works just as well. I’m sorry that you are feeling the pain. I wish you success on your journey.

Depending on how bad your neuropathy is, Alpha Lipoic Acid will help repair the nerve damage – you can buy that over the counter. I took Vitamin B for pain when I was having a lot of trouble with pain. Benfotiamine is another supplement that is good for neuropathy.

I agree with Ahmad that most of the meds out there are just to help relieve symptoms of pain. There is a newer one on the market call Metanx that is supposed to help repair nerve damage. I have samples of it but have not tried it yet. The interesting thing with that one is that it is made up of B vitamins but supposedly in higher doses than what you would get using regular B vitamins. It is classed as a medical food, not a drug, however you still need a prescription to get it. The neurologist gave me some samples but my insurance won’t cover it.

Thanks Kelly. I don’t have a drug plan so over-the-counter is best for me. I read about the ALA but I wasn’t sure if it was for healing. I noticed that Nelin said that it didn’t raise numbers. I’ll probably go and get some of that today. My chiropodist said that it hadn’t progressed to the point where it can’t heal. He said he will check again in 8 months. Have you had any healing?

They say 600 mg of the ALA is best & you should take 200 mg 3 times a day if you can - I guess it works better that way. There is a more expensive version (I think it has an R in front of it ) but I can’t afford that. It doesn’t raise my BS - some people find it actually helps their BS. I was getting some healing but something happened to set me back & I am not sure what - my BS has been really good so I know it is not BS related.

If you have bad circulation, the Vitamin B will help repair that and the better circulation will help repair the nerves.

Thanks Kelly. I hope you find out what is holding you back soon!

Thanks mistressbinky. The veggies sound great! i’m already trying the foot exercises.

I was put on Vitamin B12 by my GP and Magnesium. I took both for one month and found that my BS actually rose. I didn’t find any real relief with the Vitamin B12 and Magnesium pills. My feet burn from the balls of the feet forward, but i have feelings everywhere.

Hi Albertacowpoke,
It’s strange the way it affects people in different ways. I know you were waiting for a diagnosis too. Did the GP say it was neuropathy. Thanks for the heads-up on the rising BS. The ALA sounds good because it actually heals and might lower BS. Have you tried that?

I took a B-complex, which is a mix of different B vitamins so that could be why it worked for. Benfotiamine and Metanx are made up of various B vitamins - a lot of people have found success with both so I would not rule out B but I think you would be better off getting a B-complex not just one type of B. I never had a problem with the Bs raising my BS. I have never taken magnesium so not sure about that.

Sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I too have loss of sensation, flashes (a bit like electric shocks) all over my body, tingling and the most awful itching in my lower limbs and one arm. Werd, I know. I also have pains in my feet but this could be due to some structural problems I have.

I was prescribed twice, once with Lyrica, and once with Amytriptaline, both of which did nothing much for me except make me sleepy, but as is usually the case where I am concerned, that was too much - I already have diabetes (tiredness) and sleep apnoea (tiredness), allergies (tiredness from the medication) so if I carried on with those I would be having a quadruple whammy!

I have not heard of the blistering and rashes you mention being caused by peripheral neuropathy, so it probably was something else.

Keeping an eye on your feet, washing and drying them and dusting them with talc or a specific foot powder, not going around in bare feet - even in the house - and making sure that your socks are changed more than one a day and are seamless (or turned inside out, so that the seam at the toe does not touch your feet) is helpful.

Of course, watching and controlling your blood sugars will help too, I find the sensations are worse when I am higher.

Other than that I cannot say. Definitely it is a good thing to see the neurologist who could advise better on your individual circumstances.

Peetie I am actually waiting to go back and I think it.s time for me to go see a specialist. Let me know how you make out. There is also a neuropathy group on this site that may have some answers for you.

Thanks Albertacowpoke. I’ve been following the group for awhile. I just wasn’t sure if it applied to me. Here in Ontario, we get to see a chiropodist and I have seen mine every year since I was diagnosed. He keeps great records and has all the tools (can test for hot, cold, filament, vibration etc.) He has also helped me with some structural problems (I wore high heels for too many years lol). I like the fact that I see him every year and he can compare the results. My endo is always too busy to check my feet so I’m so glad I have this specialist. I’m not sure if it’s free in Alberta but for me it has been worth it because he takes foot problems seriously.

Thanks latvianchick. You are the first one who seems to have the same symptoms. It does seem like tiny electric shocks! It’s not painful but it is really upsetting because I feel like every time it happens, my nerves are dying a little more. Sounds like you were prescibed anti-depressants??? Have you tried ALA?
I had all that strange itching both internal and external when I was taking diamicron (gliclazide). Of course, my bs numbers were high so it’s kind of a chicken and egg thing. I stopped the med a month and a half ago and all that itching stopped. My bs also dropped immediately and now I’m almost back to normal. (Still take Met)
BTW Most of my childhood friends were from the Baltic states. I used to understand a little kitchen Latvian but that’s gone now. I used to love the food especially the pirogs and pasque (Easter) No idea how to spell those words. lol

Just called the pharmacy. He’s never heard of ALA. Says it must be some sort of alternative drug???

Yippee! Someone who knows where I come from! I am from the UK but am dual nationality. It is pirogi and pashka (though the pashka is actually a Russian dish!).

As for your symptoms - I am surprised your blood sugar levels dropped when you stopped gliclazide - which I understand is supposed to be a blood sugar lowering medication - perhaps you were allergic to it. I had a problem with the “human” insulins and it took nearly 4 years to persuade the medics that I might be better on pork, which is more natural! The medics had a stupid theory - after I proved that it WAS?IS still available - that I could not have it because a) it was an inferior product, and b) “you might be allergic to it!” and c) you should try harder with what you are given, we know best! I went for 18 months without any support at all - neither from a doctor or a nurse … my general practitioner will not discuss diabetes with me and I am convinced that some of the problems I have now are down to the wrong type of insulin and no care.

We also get to see a chiropodist twice a year if we are diabetic - normally a privelige afforded to elderly people - for whom it is all too late! We can also make emergency appointments if we are diabetic - and can get past the receptionist who thinks she knows it all and is God!

I had terrible pain and sores - some of which I could feel, some of which I could not, and there has been a development in some structural problem, and rang the chiropodist and she told me that I was not priority - then she told me that the next appointment was in 2 weeks, and the next thing she could offer me was two days - and finally after 35 minutes on a mobile phone during most of which she was walking off down the corridor or doing all the talking - she spoke to a chiropodist who got me in within 2 hours! My feet were that close to breaking down. So, I say a big thanks to God for chiropodists! Wish their were more of them, but in the UK there is a national shortage!