I am currently unemployed, therefore no insurance. One bottle of fast acting insulin cost me almost 200$! Does anyone know where I could possibly get free insulin? Also, I'm in need of a new glucose meter, my main concern though, is to just be able to get insulin! thank you!

Yikes, that's a very difficult situation!

I haven't been in that situation for a while however I've heard that the manufacturers themselves offer resources but the list there offers a bunch of places you might be able to try. I hope you can find some help!

It is also important to remember that Walmart sells insulin under it's Relion brand at $25/vial. It is the older insulin's NPH and R, but it can at least get you through a rough time.

With generic meters, the Walmart Relion brand is decent. I like the generic Advocate brand meter that I found online.

Update us with what you find. Maybe us diabetics should try setting up a crowd sourcing account for people in your situation, and then phone in purchases at Walmarts local to the individuals who need help.

do you have an endocrinologist, they often have samples and you'll need a Rx for insulin? can you apply for any type of government assistance? not sure of your age, but are you in school, college, etc...there are health care programs available there, too, i think?

I have a Walgreens meter only 3 months old and I think about 50 test strips that I don't need. I'd be happy to send it to you, shipping on me.

Thank you so much for the advice! I did not know that about Walmart! I will def. be checking that out. Also, I'm working on getting Medicaid in Indiana, my file is just pending and has been since June waiting on what doctors I have seen to release my medical documents. I just recently quit my job in June, which offered full coverage insurance, however it was a factory and in this weather was doing extreme stress to my body, so after working there for almost two years, only staying for the insurance, I decided I was literally killing myself to keep from killing myself, if that makes sense? I also did not see a regular diabetes Dr., but who I did see wrote me prescriptions for insulin, and well that satisfied me for the time being. A friend of mine actually has an apt with her endocrinologist next week and I'm going to tag along to see if she could help me.
Also dwallersv, after a night full of searching online I finally found a web site that will e sending me a meter!! I'm very excited for it! But I want to thank you with everything I could give for that, it actually made me cry reading your comment, I honestly didn't think I would get any replies at all, and to know someone is wiling to help that much is absolutely AMAZING!! Again, THANK YOU!! <3

you can get COBRA via past employer?

Hi Ashley, I don't know if you are aware of this site. But it is basically a resource for people who need help affording medical supplies and or medication. There are links to all the coupons available from the pharma companies and other patient assistance programs. I realize how lucky I am to have such good health insurance, but know there are plenty who don't so figured I would pass it on.

This link was posted here at some point in time. I just found it again. Good luck.

yes I did receive a letter telling me I was eligible for COBRA, they wanted nearly 600$ a month for it! I was only paying 120$ a month while working, so obviously I could not afford the 600$ while being unemployed. crazy.

thank you! I am checking into that right now!

Hey, we're all in this together, Ashley. We have to be -- the "normals" don't get it -- at all.

If you'd like, I'm happy to still send you the meter and strips -- again, on my dime -- as a backup. I already have two freestyles, so the TrueTest meter (Walgreens rebrands) is gathering dust. I was going to send it off to that diabetes charity org, but I'd rather you have it if you want it.

I won't be insulted if not -- let me know.

Go to the hospital diabetes center and talk with them. They gave me new meter and some test strip she told me if I ever need anything just come back. Also do web search for free clinic in your area.

Hi. My son is type one diabetic. He has gone 7 months with no insulin because he can't afford to pay $400.00 per month and has no drug coverage. He was just in the hospital a few days ago because he fainted at work and was off the whole week because he was in ICU for the week. The doctor told him if left untreated he would die in about 5 months.

I'm trying my darnest to get him coverage or some type of help for him. He should go on disability if he could get it because then his drugs would be covered. He thinks he can't get disability for diabetes though. He's legs are being affected because of high blood sugar and doctor told him he will be in a wheelchair in 2 years. That's if he lives that long.

The doctor gave him insulin for a couple of days but after that he's back to square one again. Problems with diabetes and no drug coverage.

again, i wish you would clarify this as we, as type 1's, don't understand how any type 1 can go months with NO insulin? Can't believe a doctor would suggest he would die in 5 months w/out insulin. Every endo I've seen says if blood sugars start to rise and rise (that's what happens with type 1's w/out insulin, which happens within hours, typically) then test for ketones and take a shot and call their office if blood sugars don't come down, this can happen within hours. when was your son diagnosed? are you certain he's type 1?

One brand of strips you get at Walmart is about $9 for 50 strips. Not as fancy or small as the others, and probably needs more blood, but hey, for $9/50, you can't be too picky.