What do you all feel about the role of Diabetes Educators?

We don’t have them in Britain as such, I don’t think. I haven’t met one anyway. I see a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and we bargain about what I want to do. I’m still battling with the Health Authority, because for me, at any rate It’s all wrong. the recommended diet doesn’t suit me. It’s too high in carbs and the BG targets are too high. <7 (126) My personal battle with Dawn Phenomenon is impossible to manage with an allowance of 2 test strips per week. I’m trying Cider vinegar at the moment and gettting through my ration rapidly. It does seem to work though.

A specialist versed in Diabetes is a very effective tool in helping you manage your diabetes. I consider a CDE an integrated part of my Diabetes team. Hope you can find one!

I hope you find one. A knowledgeable one.

Since they are less hurried and rushed than physicians, DEs can take more time to help you understand your data, kick around ideas, give you encouragement and act like you coach. They can also me much more approachable with questions. Like landliegh, I consider a CDE an integral part of my medical team.


We have PCTs(Primary Care Trusts) healthcare trusts that control everything and I’m at war with ours. I have to be careful, because I don’t want my GP to be ordered to strike me from his list. That would make life VERY difficult. They’re already threatening my daughter with non-registration of her coming baby, because she’s moved a mile down the road and isn’t in “their area” any more. The NHS may seem magical to people who haven’t got one, but the beaurocrats are impossible.

I agree. I started out with a CDE when I was diagnosed, but as I changed doctors over the years, etc. I neglected to take advantage of one. I recently found a new doctor affiliated with a hospital that has a great diabetes center. My doctor is literally across the hall and my CDE is totally “plugged in” to my doctor’s practice. Any changes in treatment is communicated and confirmed with my doctor and I don’t have to be the middleman. I don’t know how I got along without one now.