Diabetes Educators

What have been your experiences w/ diabetes educators? Do you recommend using one? (I’m almost 2 yrs. from type 1 diagnosis.)
I’d love to hear about your experiences!

My diabetes educator was very helpful when I went on the pump.She also gave me extra test strips and a meter to measure my blood ketones.I would recommend one!

Depends on the educator and what you want from the educator. Make sure you have one that you are compatible with, will work with your endocrinologist, and one that has the expertise you need. I had one who was a nutritionist and pump specialist, wrapped into one. We spent so much time on basals and boluses and not enough on nutrition that I did not get the information I really needed. I recently switched and now have separate people doing the education and nutrition advice. Make sure the person you choose can give you what you want/need.

What do I want? I want to get my A1c down to 7 or below for two consecutive times, so that I can be insured on something besides COBRA! Last time was 7.2, and I’ll get new results next week. Should be lower, I think and hope.

I guess I’d like practical tips (e.g., forms) about to help me organize my medical care…like making sure I don’t run out of the many prescriptions I have now. I guess I’d prefer not to go on the pump, unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t take that much insulin each day. The total for the day is 13 units, max.

Was it a fight getting the educators covered on your insurance? I guess I’d like to prepare to gird my loins!

Thanks for your response, Jonathan.


Mine was great, very helpful to me as a newbie. She was the first health professional I’d ever had a good chat with, rather than being ‘talked to’. She didn’t talk about giving stuff up, never made me feel like I was a failure (I get that from everyone else I see…). She spoke of carb counting, and ways to have a normal life… rather than picking on what I do or tut-tutting at the highs and lows.

She was very supportive, and really knew what she was talking about. I don’t see her any more but I still have her email and cell phone number and I’m allowed to call her any time I need a hand. Fabulous :slight_smile:

Going by my experience I’d totally suggest seeing one - of course they’re all different, so you wont know til you try!

As I always say though… The BEST information and support comes from other diabetics. I’ve learnt a lot of hints & tips on forums just like this one. All these free forums are worth their weight (urr, bandwidth?!) in gold.

Super! What other forums do you recommend? I feel as if a whole new world is opening up to me here! My son (at 16) even remarked upon it! Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile: Elaine

Your A1c is awesome! Are you liking the pump? Thanks for your input, Riely! :slight_smile: Elaine

Elaine: My original educator was not covered by insurance unless she wrote me up as being obese (which I wasn’t – maybe 15-20 pounds over where I wanted to be, but definitely not bad), which would have a big problem on any future insurance (including life insurance). I switched to a clinic approach at a hospital, where everything is covered subject to a copay. I have to travel to a different city for my appointments, but, even with the travel expenses and the copays, it is cheaper than my unreimbursed expenses with my endo and educator at home.

In my view, the educator should help you with your insulin doses, how much you take for different kinds of meals and foods, what you should do about exercise. Also with record keeping that works for you. Everyone has a system that they can eventually get comfortable with.

Also, diet, and what works for you food-wise, pointing out the things that you may eat that may be too caloric or too rich in carbs, with suggestions that work for you. The best diet in the world is the one that we stick to.

Your state might have a Diabetes Law… were they can not deny diabetes education (they can put a limit on it but not deny it). Also I have had Type 1 since I was 9 since my mom was a diabetic nurse (worked with an endo not a educator) and my dad a medic I did not get a lot of education. But when I turned 18 and decided the pump was right for me I went to a class. I learned more for that class then I had in the 10 yrs I had having diabetes. So yes I would get one.