What do you do about hypoglycemia unawareness?

I know I don't have hypoglycemia unawareness, so it hasn't come to that (yet). But, I'm a little nervous. I've had type 1 diabetes for many years and I've always been able to feel a hypo coming on pretty fast. I rarely caught it below 60 mg/dl. In fact, I would start to feel the symptoms of a low blood sugar even at 90 mg/dl. In a way, I can appreciate the warning, even if the symptoms are a little frightening, even after all these years! But, it's all we've got! Lately, I'm not catching them so fast anymore -- I've had more 30 mg/dl and 40 mg/dl than I care to admit! There was a time I thought I'd die if I went below 60 mg/dl, but became accustomed to 50 mg/dl -- but these days, the 30's and 40's are really throwing me for a loop! I don't freak out so much during the day, but I don't wear a CGM, so the ones at night leave me gasping for air! (I live alone, it's hard!) I got to thinking about what would happen if I ever had hypoglycemia unawareness -- how do people who have that deal with it? How do they know they're low without the warning signs? Do they all wear CGMs? What did they do before CGMs were invented? Anyone going through this? Please let me know; thank you.

I suggest a CGM

Best thing is to stop having lows for a period of time. Several weeks or more absent any lows, SHOULD reduce the unawareness for most diabetics according to the medical establishment. I can't vouch for that but I have no reason to doubt it. Also, I find the recommendation to be easier said than done.