What do you do to relieve your stress?

Diabetes and stress do not go together, in my honest opinion. I've researched various methods and modalities on relieving stress, over the years. I've recently started to write a blog about it and its effects on people with diabetes. I've been reading a great book on diabetes and stress called "Stress-Free Diabetes: Your Guide to Health and Happiness" by Joseph P. Napora Ph.D.

I practice meditation, listen to soft music and relax while playing piano. I write, I paint, I take photos in nature. I do all this, but yet there are more ways to relieve stress out there that I have yet to try. It's good to have a toolbox full of stress relieving tools that you can pull from.

What I would like to know from everyone, is: What do you do to relieve your stress? It can be anything. I ask that we keep it clean and support each other in whatever we are trying to convey. Maybe we can all learn something from what we share here. What books have you read? What CDs or Movies would you recommend? Do you have a favorite meditation practice that you adhere too?


Stick pins in a voodoo doll of my neighbors???

Seriously, I do yoga and meditation. Yogic breathing is particularly and immediately helpful.


Do tai chi, the breathing with the movement is stress relieving. Play a quiet music dvd or cd. Have a short sleep.

That first sentence mad me laugh. :)

and Yogi breathing is a great way! Thanks! I forgot to put that in there. :)

I haven't tried Tai Chi yet. It's on my list of classes I want to start taking. :)

i listen to my favourite music, read a book, go jogging or have a big walk in the near park. but the most helpful to me is listening to music while i draw.

Exercise and music are both big things, not always soft though...

Honestly? A glass of wine and watching another issue of Breaking Bad.

I also read. A lot.

I have tried everything, Alcohol, drugs, sex, and meditation, the only true relief for me has came from my Christian faith. I have walked through the valley of death and have had times when the Holy Spirit has been my only comfort. I'm a Vietnam Veteran, I have survived an actual train wreck, and I'm now facing Cancer. Stress...Oh.... I forgot to mention I'm a Type 1 diabetic and I own and operate two Heavy Industrial Equipment Company's...I just get up everyday and thank the Lord for my blessed life, lean into it and start pushing...."HARD", life is tough wear a helmet...;-)

One of the best and proven stress relief techniques is to belly laugh. You can learn how to do it - here is just one of many YouTube videos to help get you started - Solitary Laugh

When I need some stress relief (rare, these days!), I like to laugh out loud for a minute :D

Juggling; for me it just makes everything dissappear.

That's awesome! :) Drawing really takes the mind off of everything else that's going on and music just adds a whole other level. :) Thanks.

Whatever works! I listen to prog-metal and various other forms of metal as well. It's a mix for me. From soft music sometime to metal at other times. It takes my mind off everything that is going on, no matter the genre, and that's what counts for me.

This is awesome! I've see the Trans Siberian Orchestra before, but never the Slayer one. LOL \m/

That would do it for me too. Some nights it definitely does. :) We haven't started Breaking Bad yet, but we're in the middle of the Dr Who series at the moment. BB is on the list. :) thanks Brian.

Honestly? I retired and now only work part time in a semi-freelance capacity. Boom! No more stress! Oh yeah, and I'm single and child free - lower stress..lol

But since the first isn't an option for everyone (and most wouldn't want the second): Nature. I live surrounded by woods and I am currently soaking up every moment of time lying in my hammock reading and watching birds and deer before it gets cold. Snow gently falling in the woods watched through my "triangles" while sipping cappuccino laced with brandy isn't bad either.

I have a shirt with that on it. :) Thanks John, I forgot to mention faith in my original post. But you are correct sir, faith can be a huge part of one's daily stress relief.

This is awesome! Thanks Mike! :) it reminds me of this guy: http://youtu.be/31TTcjYw0hQ which will always get me laughing and releasing that stress. :)

You know, I would have never thought of this. Definitely would take the mind to a focusing level, kind of like a meditation of sorts. That's cool. Thanks!

The nature part is definitely in my regimen. The work part, well...that's coming someday. :) Thanks Zoe. :)

Workout regularly, try to enjoy my work, play with my 10 month old daughter as much as I can.