Alternative Ways to Cope with Stress

Do you have alternative ways to cope with diabetes? Do you have an adult coloring book? Do you choose to practice yoga?

What do you do to decompress and manage the stress that diabetes can cause?

Personally, I have an adult coloring book that I LOVE. When things are going haywire and I need to “find my happy space”, I put on my earbuds and pull out my coloring book and sharpies.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

I enjoy my coloring books, too! One of mine has repros of bird paintings in the corners with the outline of the image ready to fill in. I really have to attend to the details of feather colors, body structures, and background vegetation so my mind is fully engaged.

I also like to go for walks and do Tai Chi.

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I do tai chi, meditation or listen to music.


Kinda like asking what would I do without my skin… stress is life. If I have none, well clearly then, I am dead obviously! Ok, maybe I’m just asleep…

If/when I can find my lovely wife, ~decompress~ there are all kinds of “fun” possibilities :blush:

What kind(s) of triggers are we talking about… IYO? Something pretty specific causing grief, or more of the diabetes blanket of generic STRESS?