What do you eat to keep levels from dropping overnight?

I have been having good readings on my CGM (around 90) right before going to bed in the evening, and I finally found a basal setting that keeps whatever number I reach around 2am steady until I wake up. The problem is, if I don’t have a small snack before bed, regardless of my basal being super low for the first few hours, I’m terrified that I’ll reach a hypoglycemic state, and not wake up in the morning. I’m experimenting with some different types of snacks. Last night I had a quarter of a glass of milk and a few pita chips. I woke up this morning at 200, but I’d like for that number to be lower. Has anyone found any bedtime snack combinations that help to keep levels stable over night?

First, if you have a CGM isn’t it alerting you?

And second, if you are on a pump can’t you just set separate basals for those first few hours or just a temp basal rate? Is it just your fear or have you actually been having lows?

And third, if you do need to eat something you may find something like protein is better suited to offset a basal low. An egg, some peanut butter, a handful of nuts, etc.


Peanuts and cheese

I have half of a peanut butter sandwich and a small glass of milk to help wash it down.
The only downside I’ve experienced so far is sometimes the peanut butter gives me slight indigestion.


About 1/3 of a Clif Sweet-n-Salty bar (7-8 g carb).

Way back in 1970 when I was diagnosed I went to summer camp and nighttime snack was sometimes nilla wafers and American cheese. A little carb & a little protein. I don’t ever remember any of my medical team back than talking about a little protein before bed but it worked back than and I still use it sometimes now. The joys of being a kid even when your not!
And I do think a little basal testing might fix your problems. Even if I’ a little low before bed, with my CGM, I never worry about it. Love my CGM!