Lows....and dropping Fast

So, I have been experiencing dropping too much from correction insulin or for no reason at all----- the last 2 days maybe it has to do with trying out the CGM lol makes me drop more in evenings lol even after 2 hour mark also when I hit around mid-low 100’s I feel low I guess I not used to being in normal/tight control so it feels… low, but once I am in the 100’s how can I be sure I won’t drop anything can prevent that? Also, what are small carb snacks ya’ll use to get a boost?? what helps over night stability i tend go bit low but wake up high but if I sleep in and postpone breakfast I drop quickly Also, when i do go low enough to have a snack it takes forever to see increase in my sugars and to feel a change so i tend to panic and get impatient and over-compensate eat too many carbs and then go high an hour or 2 later …constant chasing of sugars errr…any suggestions on how deal with the icky feeling and know got enough carbs, or how to know how many points increase per carb amount??

Nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night with low blood sugar. I have glucose tabs by the bed, I will typically eat 3 of those right away then go into the kitchen and get some peanut butter. I think you need to get some fast acting carbs in your first then something substantial to keep you up there…at least that is what my wife/nurse tells me. I get tired of glucose tabs sometimes too so another thing I use to bring me back up is fruit juice, gets into your blood stream very quickly. I’m right there with you as far as over-compensating. Just eat 15g of carbs at a time and give yourself a few minutes and check your sugars. If you are still low then have another 15.