What does nerve damage feel like?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a kid and would sometimes lie to my parents about what I ate at school or at friends' homes. (I know, I was bad!) In my defense, I was just a kid. I didn't understand what eating sweets meant at the time; I thought I was getting punished for having diabetes and didn't know the repercussions of eating sweets. So, I sneaked around for the first several years. Suffice it to say, the complications came on quickly. I was the only kid in my school who wore ugly diabetic shoes. The other kids didn't understand why I was tired so much of the time and didn't feel well enough to play and preferred to sit. My feet always hurt and were numb at the same time, and it made walking hard, let alone running and playing sports! But, I would trade that in for what I've got now! I thought I knew pain then, but I really know it now! I'm actually weaning myself off Lyrica for nerve pain (the Lyrica's making me suicidal!) and the pain is back full force! What does nerve damage feel like to you? For me, it's mainly in my feet. Thanks for sharing!

the rest of me--stinging. so I take Lyrica which gets rid of most, but not all of it. Any day I get over about 150, even on Lyrica, I start stinging randomly. very weird. and annoying. If I miss a pill, I'll feel worse within 3 hours of the missed pill. When I go several days with great control, I have nearly no symptoms other than the numb feet.

Nerve pain to me can be described as my toes set on fire 24/7 all day, every day. I take gabapentin but currently weaning myself off due to these other tics that I believe it causes.

I have also have the feeling of rubber bands being around my toes at night when I sleep and think about them actually falling off.

It's terrible.