Diabetes nerve damage or is it?

So about 6 months ago I got a couple shooting sharp pains here and there but now they are more constant. They feel like a quick electric shock. They are short but have been in my feet, legs, arms, back, and head. I saw my neurologist and he did a brain mri which was fine and the nerve test, not sure of the name with the electic pulse and needles. That came out good but he said that only tests the big nerves and not the tiny ones. He also did arthritis blood work and all good. So he said its from the Diabetes. Drs. now a days always blame the Diabetes so I am intereested to see if any of you have the same pains. I have no tingling or numbness just sharp pain. I am approaching my 25 year with Diabetes but am only 31. I do not like taking meds so I refused the rx to calm the nerves. Any suggestions, feelings on this problem. Would appreciate it. Thanks

I have had every test known to man or woman rather. It's quite frustrating to be in pain and still not know the cause. I can't say what the cause of your pain is, others may know more. I would really appreciate there being a more sophisticated test for nerve damage. It turned out after a full body mri that I have arthritis. I don't think this is what you have but at least I got an answer. I'm 36yrs and wasn't expecting it, also D for 25 yrs and a mum too, like yourself. Hope you get some clearer answers.

7.3 2 months ago but my b.s. have been really fluctuating

i occassionally take vitamin b but I will try to take it more often, thanks


Priscilla, do get checked for pernicious anemia, vitamin b-12 deficiency, another autoimmune disease that can "cluster" with type one diabetes. I had a severe case of it 10 years ago that went undiagnosed for months because the doctors did not know what to look for; and they kept telling me that the peripheral neuropathy was diabetes-related. A1c was 6.4 at the time. I lost all proprioceptive feedback to my legs and feet, and could not stand up, nor walk withut falling, due to the poor balance. I had the pains up and down my back, pins and needles, through the waistline a sort "belt-like" tightness, as well sharp pain attacks in my back and legs.. After three months of steadily decreasing healt(,many other symptoms), I was finally checked for b-12 deficiency after it was determined that I did not have a "conversion " disorder and did not make up not being able to walk. Long story short, Please get tested for b-12 deficiency right away. I would not want anyone to go through what I went through. Still have flareups of the b-12 induced neuropathies if I do not take the b-12 shots monthly. The cilia in my intestines was compomised b the auto-immune attack, just like my beta cells in my pancreas, so they cannot readily absorb as much b-12 as is needed through food or oral supplements. Though I take supplemental liquid sub-lingual b-12 daily, It really dos not help as much as the shots.
Check to see if you have pernicious anemia.If you are really low, you wil porbably have to be infused through an IV with the b-12.That's what they had to do for me when I was hospitalized.

I did recover and I felt so blessed to be restored to health.

God bless,

priscilla, Another point: When needed, I do take Lyrica from time to time for the peripheral nerve pain, but not in the large doses that are prescribed for me. It has some undesirable side effects, as do the other prescripton meds: I have tried Topomax, Gabapetin ( Neurontin). As for non-prescription supplements, some people have gotten great releif from Benfotiamine as well as R-Alpha-lipoic acid. I tried them both. I got minimal effects from the Benfotiamine, used it for 6 months. I did not stay on the R-ALA long enough to see any effects.They are widely used as a nutritional supplement to help heal nerves in Europe and other countries. Some here on tudiabetes have reported favorable effects. Both supplements are kind of expensive, though .They can be found online at a more reasonable price than the "health /meds/food" stores, but you have to buy in big quantities to see the discount.
Check the Tudiabetes board and former discussions for info about nerve problems and neuropathies. There is a wealth of information here.
I personally just have to keep exercising, keep taking the b-12 injections, and keep loving the Lord. And I do OK. :=) Hope this info helps .

God bless,

thanks for the advice, will do