What drugs makes your BC go wild?

Thought it would be interesting to know what kind of drugs make your BC hard to manage?
I got last year a steroid shot - bad mistake, will never ever allow a doc to give me one. My BC was shooting through the roof no matter what I did.
A couple of month ago a doc prescribed me Progesterone - same thing no matter what my BC was hardly to go lower then 200. The pills went in the trash after 4 days.

I got a chest cold and my primary wrote for prednisone and that was horrible. I couldn’t get lower than 300 and felt like crap. The chest cold was better than the drugs for it!

I got Vicodin when my wisdom teeth were removed, and it made my blood sugar LOW LOW LOW. I would put my pump in suspend or a very very (practically 0%) low percentage on my temporary basal when I took it. I was really surprised that something other than insulin would have this effect. Too bad it’s addictive… :slight_smile:

I’ve been on Prednisone for 3.5 years. Granted at 30 mgs. a day, getting my sugar down required 1 vial of Humalog for 1 day(j/k). I Hated it. But at 11 mgs. a day, I can balance my numbers pretty good. You get used to it.

The Cortisone shots that I got in my knees in September bothered my sugars for a few days. I’m hoping to get the Cortisone shots again next week at my Rheumy appt. Strangely, when I get the shots in my knees, they make all my joints feel Better. You gotta do, what you gotta do.

Orencia also bothers my sugars for a few days, after each infusion.

Interesting that some medicine lowers your BC…good to know!

yes, but I want to include all kind of “medicine”, basically everything a doctor can inject in you, you can rub on , inhale or pop in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, juices;).
Progesterone is a hormone too and the kind of pharmaceutical Progesterone you get for hormone treatment is actually a steroid…correct me if I am wrong.

I am the same with Vicodin! I think it maight have something to do with “downers” because most opiate painkillers do the same for me, so does alcohol…I remember my Diabetic Ed. saying something about deprssants lowering bloodsugar over time?

fine with me;)