What Events are you Entering These Days?

I’m entered in the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon for this upcoming weekend - October 14, 2007. I’ve been training religiously for the past two months, although I fell off schedule this weekend due to college football games (attending- not playing :))

I hope to finish in 2:30:00 or less. I’m not a speedy guy.

If you’re training for an event or have one coming up - post it here and gather a cheering section.


Good luck in the 1/2 Terry. There’s a 10K in my area the same day, but I won’t be able to run it :frowning: I have to help move my daughter, who’s at college, instead. Remember, the goal is to “finish”, time really isn’t important (especially for old guys like us).

Here’s an entry about my experience at the half-marathon, with a decidedly diabetic pov.



Sounds awesome Ter.
I entered in a run for diabetes on Oct 20th, yet I’m having trouble finding out how long it will be, so its gonna be a surprise.
Its the first diabetes marathon I have entered since I was diagnosed 11 years ago, I’m expectedly excited.
I started running 6 weeks ago, long before I entered the marathon, and I’m about to step up the running.

A local sports store sponsored a 5k in town this weekend, the first we’ve had here for awhile. Turn out was pretty good, about 500 runners and walkers. I hope it becomes an annual event.

I decided to run to the starting line as a way of warming up. Stupidly I didn’t pull up a map to calculate the distance which I guessed to be a little more than a mile, but which turned out to be 1.7 miles. Yikes!! I arrive three minutes before the starting horn.

I finished 191, about mid pack with a time of 30:49. Disappointing, but consistent with my past times at that distance. I was 8th in the OFD (Old Farts Division) and would have been 7th if I could only have caught the OF who passed me in the last quarter mile . . . may he acquire the worst case of athlete’s foot ever.

BG wise I awoke 1.5 hour before the race at 255. Too high. Had my regular breakfast which included only 15 grams of carbs and cut my bolus back 1 unit in anticipation of the race. I was feeling sluggish at the beginning of the race, but when I checked my levels I was 125. Hmm - must have been my ‘warm up’. Checked again at the turn around - 89. Uh-oh, not low, but a clear downward trend, and a fast one, too. So I popped three glucose tablets and pushed on. I was just over 90 at the finish of the race, but went low - 50 - on the walk home, about an hour later.

Coupla things to consider: I’ve run two marathons but this is my first 5k. Was the excitement a contributing factor to my dropping bg? Unlikely, since stress usually means an increase in bg.

The total run was only 1.7. miles longer than my standard run. I should probably have cut my bolus further OR should have adjusted my basal when I bolused OR upped my carb intake. I considered changing my basal but didn’t do it because the run was a standard distance for me, and I don’t usually adjust my basal for it. Next time, I’ll consider it.

The fact is I entered the race pretty much on a whim and should have planned better. It was not a disaster, BG wise, but I could have done better.

Your thoughts? Anyone have a recent racing tale?

I had a recent 5k race on the 4th of July. When I got up I was high at 220 so I did a shot of 4 units and ate 2 carbs, with 2 units to bring my sugars down. I felt ok at the start, only did a little warm up. I always get nervous before a race but I’m getting better with every race I do. When the race started I relaxed and tried to pace myself and not go out too fast. At the end I felt good and I got a time of 18:47, my goal is to break 18 minutes this summer and I know I have it in me.

After the race I did a 20 min cool down and it felt really good, not tired at all. My sugar was perfect when I got home, I was 100. Overall I had a great day and I was happy with my race.

That’s a great time, Tony, and a good job and getting the BGs under control. Did you take a total of 6 units before the race or did the 4 units include the 2 units for the 2 carbs?

Keep us posted on your other races, especially when you break 18 minutes.

If I can get to 25, I’ll be pleased.

Ya thanks. I took a total of 4 units, 2 to cover my breakfast and 2 to bring my sugars down. Ill let you know when I break 18 minutes, it should be soon I’m hoping. I might enter a mile race and try to break 5 minutes for the mile this summer, thats another one of my running goals. My best mile time is 5:05, so I’m pretty close. Good luck to everyone else who’s racing this summer!

I hate to sound like a nit-picker, but maybe I am.
If you’re not sure how long it is, it’s probably not a marathon. A marathon is 26.2 miles, or 42 kilometers. Not that there’s anything wrong with running races of other distances. They just aren’t marathons.

Did you do a correction bolus when you woke up with the 255 1.5 hours before the race started? I would blame your low on that.

Hi, Terry,
I’m running America’s Finest City (San Diego) Half Marathon on August 17, and the Twin Cities Marathon on October 5. I will probably run other races in the intervening weeks, but those are the ones I’m registered for.


I’m not entering any events, but could somebody suggest how I might be able to find events where I live? I’m in Maryland and I want to find walking events as I am NOT a runner :slight_smile:



Good luck and have fun!

In addition to what Jerry added - many, but not all, 5k/10k runs also have a walking division. Even if they don’t, you often have time to walk the course before it closes.

You can also find local events at runnersworld.com or in the free athletic magazines in front of most gyms, YMCA’s and athletic gear stores.

Good luck,