What ever happened with the micro needle insulin patch

This patch was supposed to deliver just enough insulin and self regulate. I saw an update in February but but nothing else. I do not see any trials running. Does anyone know about it. The clinical trial results from 2007 looked really promising except for site irritation. patch as thick as a quarter. Self regulation no cgm no fingersticks.
Change it daily. I mean sign me up. I’ll do a trial for it if they ever do another human trial.

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Maybe you saw V-Go ? Says for type 2.


This one


Here is 2020 article says clinical trials could begin.

“This patch has already been accepted by FDA’s emerging technology programs for clinical trial applications,” Gu said.

Looks interesting, patch does both cgms and insulin delivery.

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I would definitely be interested in being a guinea pig for this!!

Me too, bring it. I tried and tried to get into the bionic pancreas trials but they filled up so fast I missed my chance.

I expect quite a bit of resistance to be launched by pump manufacturers and such if it get’s too close to approval…

I’m such a geek for emerging technologies. I wish so badly I could participate in trials, but I’m too rural. Maybe in the wake of covid-19 more long-distance options will emerge with video training and local blood work.