What have you learned about yourself from having diabetes?

I’ve had D for less than a year, but I’ve already learnt a great deal about myself from having it. These are some of the things I now know:

  • I can stick to a strict diet, if I really want to
  • My mood depends a great deal on eating regularly
  • I can stand up for myself and make sure I get the care I need
  • I can do a better job of caring for my D than my doctor does, sometimes
  • I have learnt more about my body in the last couple of months than I have in the rest of my life
  • I have learnt to see the world from the perspective of a diabetic - I always think about how I can keep control of my D in any situation

im glad im not the only one who is learning this stuff…ive met a good amount of people who learn they have diabetes and lets it eat them inside…but i have also met a great deal of people who learn more about themselves because of their diabetes…like i always say be in control of ur diabetes, do not let ur diabetes be in control of you…keep up the awesome work…