Hi there everyone thanks for becoming my new friends, ive only one friend who is a Diabetic (she has great control, unlike me) Well im going to see my Consultant on thursday and no doubt he wont be happy! He is great, i used to work with him a few years ago as his research nurse but dealing with Diabetes in my personal life and at work got too much. Anyway i went on a course in january called DAFNE which if anyone not heard about it, is a course all about carb counting in prep for pumps and also to help anyone. Well i found the course great but as usual i always fail after few weeks, as i previously said i still havent come to terms with being a Diabetic (i know its been 11 yrs but still). My DSN nurse is Diabetic and she says you should rule the Diabetes not the Diabetes ruling you. But i cant see it like that because i cant start a single day without my diabetes being brought up.

Has anyone got any help or ideas i'd be mega grateful.


It’s so overwhelming, I (WE) know! When all is not as you think it’s SUPPOSED to be, it’s easy to simply give up, isn’t it? Story of my diabetes life. I recently switched to a new endo who changed my whole outlook. In the past, the docs always made me feel like a bad diabetic for not being in perfect control. My new team let me know there is no such thing as a bad diabetic, only a diabetic who hasn’t found the right routine to fit his or her lifestyle. So I’ve stopped trying to achieve “perfection.”

Take it one day, one blood sugar at a time, and try not to beat yourself up over it. I’ve found that making more realistic goals for myself works…not every BG will be a 100.

Really, it’s not possible to fail; it’s a matter of being consistent at working at it and accepting that no one is perfect (I’m talking to myself here). Give yourself some wiggle room to be human and hang in there!


thanks for you words of wisdom and help hopefully i will start this week coming to terms with the big D as thats all ive been thinking about recently and am determined to sort my life and Bloodsugars out. Watch this space …x


Kimberley’s right, "Take it one day, one blood sugar at a time, and try not to beat yourself up over it…not every BG will be a 100."
I couldn’t agree more. Besides, you’re not “failing”, you’re just “finding out what doesn’t work for you.” Remember, when you get lost, you can always make a u-turn.



Maybe you start by trying to get your waking BGs under control. That makes the whole day a lot easier.

It means no late evening snacking (tough for me).

Give yourself at least a few weeks to get it going. If that works then aim for another part of the day. Just a thought.


hey bernard, thanks for your advice sounds like a plan. Well im seeing my consultant in the morning so we shall see what he says. Are you on the pump?