What is best pump

Well, I can't even open a font. But husband got Type 1 at age 83 and has used Animas pump five years. We would be most grateful if anyone would give advice on best replacement. Annimas sez best to wait awhile til FDA approves one with glucose tester.... Oh, would you please reply to JOAN701@AOL.COM. Not sure I'd find my way back to this site.

Thank you.....thank you !

IF YOU DO CTRL- + (CTRL PLUS KEY) it will make the numbers on your computer larger!

I appreciate your advice and counsel. Thank you...thank you.
Joan e / FL

Even when the Vibe is approved, my understanding is that if you prefer to stay with the Ping which has the remote control, and don't want a CGM (or are on Medicare which won't pay for it) you can just get another Ping. That is what I plan on doing when my warranty runs out next January.

This is pure speculation on my part but my guess is that at some point Animas will switch to the Verio for it’s meter for the Ping vs the One Touch Meter they currently use. That could be what they were talking about or that they have some sort of an upgrade in the works for the meter for the One Touch Ping System. I do know that Canada and I believe Europe has had access to a better meter for the system for a long time that hasn’t been approved by the FDA.

I appreciate your comment. Thank you...thank you.
Joan e

OK, FOLK, now know that CGM is continuous glucose monitor which I don't think we need. Not even sure what animas "one touch" means. Use Breeze 2 ten glucose tests with no threading in those "little things." I have computer report printed list showing insulin needed for EACH of OUR traditional family meals based on current IC. Other column shows insulin need for glucose based on ISF/target. Add two togeter and give fast insulin direct shot without those terrible pump enteries. Then another list of familiar individual food/beverage carbs when doing something unusual. And backup book. Changing basal affects neither sheet so seldom need revision. Our target is 120 and last quarter report to Dr was 121 average.

A lot of the pump companies have "deals" with meter companies so the Animas One Touch is a particular meter that might go with that pump. They are handy. I like the Medtronic pumps because they've worked great for me and are very simple and solid. The other thing I like about them is that the software to download readings into my computer and synthesize the data into useful reports is also very handy. I haven't played around with other pumps but I've found Medtronic to be very reliable and very simple to use.

Oh, I'll study it out online. Thank you so.

Hi Joan; it sounds like you and your husband have things very well set up for what works for you!I'm glad your husband got correctly diagnosed as Type 1 despite being 83!I was "only" 58 but they misdiagnosed me as Type 2 because they thought I was too old for Type 1!

The One Touch Meter goes with the Animas Ping, which is the pump I have. The meter is called a "meter remote" because you can do anything from the meter you do from the pump. It is very convenient for delivering insulin without having to take the pump out. If the two of you work as a team, you could sit nearby with the meter and bolus insulin to your husband without having to take out his pump. I love my Animas Ping!