Time for a new pump

Hello folks, I was looking for same general feedback regarding getting a new pump. I've been using Minimed Paradigm pumps for slightly over 10-years. I've purchased two pumps, the latest being the 522 so I could use the wizard and also CGM which I did for two years but them dropped out becuase it seemeed too much like a science experiement. Anyway, my current pump has some micro-cracks and the buttons aren't working as well as they used to, so I was thinking about getting a new pump. I have no real issues with Minimed other than fristrations with logistics around their recalls that I would probable experience from any source, and also frustrations about supplies costs that again I would probably have with any source. I've tried a sample of the POD & had some issues with it staying stuck. Since I will not try CGM again I don't know if I need or should pay for the Minimed technology. But on the other hand, it works fine as one of the tools in my managment plan. I guess my priorities are reliability, support, and basic technology (like the bolus wizard) but not to the extent of CGM. Any advice from you others using pumps? Thanks...

I have been using the OneTouch Ping. I have been using it for 3 years now. I do not have any experience with any other pump. Put I can tell you that I love my Ping. I have had no problems with it so far and no recalls. I have probably gotten about 1/2 dozen error alarms but mostly all user errors. I love it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new pump. Check them out.

Ditto for Animas. I have been on Animas for 6yrs now since being on MM for 5yrs to start. Animas service & reliability has been far above what I ever experienced with MM. As to technology, Animas has a food database that for the Ping is stored in the One Touch Meter, I have found that has helped me alot with better control by taking the carb guessing out of my meal boluses.

I'm a Pod user I love it. I think with all the new ones out there it's really getting to be a lifestyle choice now. I use sticky tack on my pods they never come unstuck :) I also have bands to keep them good and in place on my arms and thighs that my pump trainer gave me :) I LOVE my pod and I don't have the usual Pod complaints about fails and occlusions. I've only been on it a month though, so time will tell. When I was choosing which one to get the super cool pump I saw (my endo made me look at EVERY brand to make a well informed choice) was Tslim. Nice interface, rechargeable battery, looks like my iphone. Alas I have a toddler and I just didn't think I could have a toddler and tubes and cool buttons to push on mommy!

I have the one touch Ping however I am looking to change in the next few months to the t:slim. The one touch itself is not a bad pump the remote I find is useless other than to check BG level. I had this for four years now other than some of the buttons wearing out. I am moving to the T:slim mostly for the touch screen as I am very tired of all the menus I have now, plus it holds 300 units instead of two. The rechargeable battery is a plus for me maybe not for others. the look is not a plus for me as I keep my pump hidden. I loved the idea of a remote as I keep the pump hidden but it just does not work well, it is to hard for me to see the screens -- it can not find the pump that is only inches away - plus loses connection while delivering. At this point the company made no statement on fixing it or replacing with different type. I hope this helps.