What is GBA1c and how is it so accurate? iPhone Diabetes Technology Blog

According to a file called "A1c Scope.doc", GBA1c was first documented and outlined on January 13, 2009 on my MacBook. The file contained research into the most important variables for an A1c test. As a went down the list, I began to strategize how we could address these variables with the information that users have in their personal health record/logbook at www.glucosebuddy.com.

Today that calculator, GBA1c, has been released in its beta stage and we feel it is quite revolutionary. We hope you agree.

We’ve combined a number of proprietary algorithms to estimate what your A1c will be at any given day. The one guideline that we’ve set is that you MUST have 90 days of logs in order to utilize the function.

Now, I understand that an A1c is not EXACTLY 90 days and there are a few variables that simply can’t be measured by using blood glucose logs, so to say that GBA1c can effectively replace an actual A1c blood test is absurd. However you’ll get more accurate feedback than ever before using this novel tool.