What is the future?

I do not have diabetes. However, my boyfriend of 5 years does, type 1, since he was 6 (he is 20 now). I hadn’t really realized this until recently, but his diabetes has greatly effected my life. I’ve become so conscious of what we eat, I always make note of whether or not he covers after eating, I always make sure to have some sort of sugary snack in case he goes too low, and the list goes on. We’re in college now and have decided once we graduate to get married. He’s grown up in a military family with his father in the Navy and managing his diabetes has never been a financial issue because of tricare. The military isn’t something I’m remotely interested in. So soon, we’re both going to have to keep healthcare in mind when looking for a career. I feel like its almost a duty for me to find a job with great healthcare benefits. I want to be able to help and honestly am scared I won’t be able to. As I tell him all the time, if I could take his diabetes from him and make it my own so he could live a normal life with the things he’s always wanted to do, but can’t, I would. I try to explain these sorts of issues to my friends, but none understand. That’s a large reason I came here – in hopes someone else was in the same boat. So, is anyone? And does anyone have any advice?

I could be really off but I think the larger the company the more likely the health insurance will benefits to your future husband. Large corporations represent lots of buying power in relation to a health care provider and it is likely to be less difficult to get coverage. Thing is I wouldn’t worry overmuch about any one employer because unless you already have a career in mind, you are so likely to switch jobs from time to time. Also, your husband’s job is most likely to offer the cheapest option for his diabetes care because the employee gets a cheaper premium than the spouses or children of an employee, so its best if his job covers his diabetes, not yours. Ideally, health insurance will soon become unrelated to your employment and your specific job will not affect his coverage. You are sweet to be so concerned!