What is type 1.5?

Hey everyone,

I'm just asking for some infomation cause I seem to be confused.

I know that a type 1 diabetic becomes one b/c the immune system destroys the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

I know that a type 2 diabetic is someone who CAN produce insulin and have beta cells, but either with insufficient quantities, or the body cells are unresponsive to the insulin present - and I know that in some cases it's a combination of both.

I also know that pre-diabetics have blood sugar levels higher than normal but not enough to be fully diagnosed as "diabetic," in the same fashion that type 2 works.

So what's type 1.5?

Thanks, everyone!

I don’t blame you. I was like: “Type what???!!!” when I first heard about it (here).

There’s a whole section in the Forum that is devoted to Type 1.5:

Hope this helps!

Type 1.5 sometimes refers to different stuff, but formally its an autoimmune destruction of beta cells, usually accompanied by insulin resistance, found in people over the age of 30, and diagnosed while there’s still a lot of beta cells alive. It’s also called Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood, which is a lot more discriptive.