What Is Wrong With People!?

To start off for anyone who is reading this it may be hard to follow. The reason why this may be is because I am in a mental fog state having had two non D seizures yesterday. I just needed to vent and had no place to do it but here where people would understand.

So I was flying to CA from Chicago over the weekend and I was subjected to a secondary screening at the security checkpoint because my MM pump set off the alarm. So I am like ok more screening. I was okay with that. But what gets me is that they don't listen. I was told 5 times to give them my pump because I could not take it on the flight with me. I was like wtf are you joking. Needless to say I missed my flight. On top of some other things that happened that should not have.

I was wondering have anyone else have this happen to them?

Did you call the airlines and complain?

I did. And I filed a complaint at the airport.

Wow! That is pretty lame of them.One would think people know better than that.

I would also contact TSA since they are in charge of security. Seems something was missed in their procedures or someone wasn’t trained properly. Sorry to hear about the experience as it sounds very frustrating. and what do you do when you have no other means of getting where you need to go.

Big hug and a kisses fight the good fight we have to think of all the other diabetics in the world who might want to fly with them.xxx

Aw, so sorry you had to deal with that! You seem to have trouble with “cop-like” types. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they definately should have let you on. Did you have a note from the doctor too (as a backup)? See how ignorant some people are - they aren’t even trained on something simple like this. America has bombphobia.

I remember when they first started with that thing of taking off your shoes esp if they had thick soles. I was wearing my winter boots with lots of laces so I was bitching about it at the security checkpoint to my bf and he was like “Be quiet or less they will hear you and think you are a terrorist and pull you out!” Haha! How ridiculous. No talking about bombs or anything that could fit a bomb in anywhere near the airport or on the plane.

What airline was this, Missy?

I normally have no problems either. I think because of the delay in my response and the crowd may have given them the wrong idea. I do ask I am asked and told but that I was not going to do.

I had my letter from my doctor and they did not even want to see it. I was standing there trying to keep it together and not cry in front of them. Then my pump starts to beep.

How horrible. I hate that security checkpoint. Makes you feel like a herded animal - no matter who you are.

Did you have trouble communicating with them too? I am sure none of them know ASL. Was John with you?

Cross your fingers. Maybe they’ll apologize with a free flight. (yeah, right, eh?)



With letter in hand to show this did not help. They did not want to hear about a letter or read one.

At first I did but then this guy in line behind me saw that I was signing and he was an interpreter so that helped some. Yes I was alone. John was at the gate wating for me.

i was never told that i couldn’t take the pump with me, but in SF every single item was taken out of my carryon and tested for explosives. i’m glad i checked most of what i had. over 30 minutes which is a little insane. at least the guy was polite.

Missy, how was the situation resolved? What convinced them that the pump was a legitimate medical device?

I recently had a ridiculous experience with United (nothing like yours, but…) I am not surprised. :frowning:

E V, as my pump was beeping letting me know that I was going low this make them even more uncomfortable with me having my pump. I informed them that I needed to get my meter out of my carryon bag, which they had, so that I could check my blood glucose. So as they are getting my kit out of my carryon bag I am on my cell on the internet on www.minimed.com to show them that my pump is a ligitimate medical device.

So as one of them are looking at the web site on my cell I am testing and my MM CGM is showing my BG is 65 but my meter was showing my BG was 60. Seeing that the number on my pump was close to the number on my meter they decided to let me be with my pump. But they took everything out of my carryon bag and checked it. This took over 45 minutes.

This was insane I had never been told that before. I am up for more screening I am cool with that. But they were being insane and they were not polite. My flight from SF was so different. I did not have any problems. I was subjected to a secondary screening at the security checkpoint because my MM pump set off the alarm in SF but I knew it would. I went thru the secondary screening and was at my gate within 5 minutes.

Manny I could tell you so many things about United. My brother works for them and when I told him what happened his boss gave me two tickets to anywhere United fly to. Sorry you did not have a good experience with United either.