What is Your Best Coping Method for the Diabetic Blues?

i know that i deal with chronic depression, but it is well under control with the help of medication and therapy.

BUT: there is often a lingering depression, or a feeling of frustration and sadness that i experience from time to time regarding my D.

Whenever i go to a family or "special" function, i have to micro-manage my D plan for how i am going to eat, how i might plan my food choices (and all of this B4 knowing what food will be served) i know that i will be watching others laugh and munch and garble down food like it might be going out of style, and sometimes (not all the time) i get bummed out.

then there are all of my doctors appointments. UGH. i have my regular D endo, my CDE, my nurtitionist, my psychiatrist, my gastroenterologist, my OBGYN (which always reminds me that i cannot have children of my own; AND that i am adopted), my GP, my dental surgeon (i have tons of dental problems do to bruxing, which apparently is due to unconscious anger issues)....and so the list goes on. basically every day that i wake up is a day focussed on staying "stable" despite the odds.(other complications due to D)


just putt'in it out there. I welcome ALL solutions/ sugestions, etc.

I guess my genuine smile is more like a scowl during a long distance bike ride. Granted the further I go the more I have to think about diabetes cause I have to check but there is something about being alone for me in some far off trail or road ride that just takes my mind away from things. During excercise its the only time my body functions like its supposed to it seems. Reminds me of the days before diagnosis.

thx Jackie. i loved Ur responce. its simple and right on point. i suppose so much of this for me is that i am schizophrenic and as far as social occations go, for me, i have a very difficult time. SO, THAT BEING SAID: i think what i do to relieve some of my feelings of akwardness is to focus more on my D. i know that sounds a bit nuts, but it is easier to manage my D than to manage my S. if that mks any sense whatsoever. so, to b bummed about my D relieves some discomfort.

BUT, all in all, U R 100% right. i should try letting go of all the bull---- and try harder 2 just enjoy myself.

I just pray throughout the day and the Lord takes care of me, I get mad, I sin, I don't always show the grace I should, no one is perfect in His eyes. I know in my heart, He, has a place for me. Christian fellowship is very powerful, He gives me peace and strength like nothing else, it really works . Try getting involved in a Church, any church that is based on the Bible. When two or more peaple stand together in faith wonderful things happen in their lives. If you go to Church you will never be alone again He is just waiting for you to step forward there is already a place for you.

i am jewish and dont 100% believe in God. However, i do go to a 12-step support group wherein i find tremendous peace and love from the other members. so maybe there is hope for me yet.

Exercise and music are my favorites. Taking exercise more seriously, first with Tae Kwon Do and now with running makes me feel like I'm waving a big middle finger at diabetes.

I simplify. I have had diabetes for 50 years and resist a lot of the "stuff." As a disclaimer, my only complication is retinopathy which has been controlled for 18 years and my A1C remains between 5-6. I have ups and downs for sure....

I have a fantastic PCP who is a Godsend. I go to the endo a couple of times a year (sometimes I have trouble remembering his name) mostly to scrip my pump supplies; PCP does insulin, strips, etc. I see my eye doc yearly. I went to a CDE and nutrionist once or twice and gave it up. I have used a psychologist a few very helpful times (10 appointments maybe..total.)

Special events--have fun, be cautious but do not ovethink things. Sometimes you need to overindulge in really good Jewish holiday food (I just made applesauce for Latkes!) As long as you do not do it daily, have some fun. (Avoid the Mogen David, however, which is all sugar and bring another Kosher wine. )

My point is this: it will never be perfect. Listen to YOUR body and be happy. The doctors are great, but they focus on their specialty and get hung up on details that may not be important. Evaluate their suggestions before jumping in headfirst because they have an M.D. Sometimes we just need to step back, think about our bodies, how we feel and remember to enjoy life. It is the key to being sane as a diabetic.

Jon Kabat-Zinn has a couple books that are pretty awesome, too.

it doesnt really bum me out but makes me angry at the unfairness of it! i always try to bring something i can eat-broccoli and ranch dressing for dipping, celery with peanut butter, things like that.
but yeah, it is annoying. sometimes i just bolus and eat something special. i should do it more often, as i feel less limited and have a better time!

I take a good hard look at the people around me and am thankful that I have a treatable (although not curable) condition. This was easier to do when I regularly did water aerobics at a local rehabilitation center and frequently saw people who couldn't walk, see, communicate, etc. Although I'm not doing the water aerobics now, I can still look around almost anywhere--grocery store, church, doctors' offices, parking lots and see people that are in far worse situations than mine.

I've been a Type 1 for more than 50 years. When I was younger and feeling sorry for myself, I used to sit down and figure out the number of shots I'd had in some recent period of my life. The exercise always reminded me of all of things I'd been able to do because I'd taken all those shots. I'm on a pump now.

My advice: Look around you and find a reason to be thankful.

Mary Jo, thx for your words of wisdom. i have my share of tremendous gratitude.its just some times, it is so arduous to manage ALL of my health problems, even one day at a time.my body is like a mine field being excavated.

there is a wonderful ALAnon saying which helps me get thru difficult times:


There's a guy who gave a speech on living with diabetes recently. His name is Joe Solowiejczyk. Every now and then, when his diabetes feels overwhelming, he takes a day off, buys a carton of ice cream, curls up on the couch to watch a sad movie, and just soaks in self-pity. An hour into the movie, one of his friends will call (at the request of Joe). The friend will say what a wonderful human being Joe is, etc. More friends call out through the day, and eventually Joe feels better. I haven't tried this yet, but Joe works in Diabetes Counseling, so I guess it must work.

Hope this helps!

P.S. He also suggests saving old meters so you can drive over them in the car. Takes diabetes frustration out on the meter.

1) I cuddle my dogs
2) I laugh with a child
3) I go on TuD

Sounds ok with the exception of the carton of ice cream. Is it worth it to spend the next five hours dealing with blood sugars in the stratosphere?

When it gets really to be a bummer, I cry.

You go to a lot of doctors: endo, CDE, nutritionist? Can you cut that down somewhat? Once you learn the eating part, why the nurtitionist? What does the CDE do that the endo does not. Maybe analyze those kinds of things.

all of my doctors are in the same office, which is managed by my head Diabetes specialist and endocrinologist. the CDE and nutritionist are free. my doc just offers the service, so i make use of it. also, i go back to them, b/c it keeps me in line. although my A1c suck, they are a lot better than they use to be. i am very very brittle, and despite all that i do to keep myself in good health, its hard for me to maintain consistant #s under 200. my comfort zone is about 140.

also, the nutritionist guides me gently as i am in recovery from anorexia (which is a whole other ball of wax!)

Probably it's not worth it, but I did read an article a while ago that said that fat encourages the release of certain hormones, causing a noticeable increase in happiness. Chocolate and ice cream were held as examples.

Snuggle up on the sofa with a duvet, big fire on, tea in hand (prob a biscut or two ), watching Inspector Morse. This duvet day lasts at most an hour or two as the wee ones prefer me to be up and about.

140 isn't too bad Daisy, if that's were you feel comfy at the moment then go with it until you gain more confidence. A lot of D's have eating disorders, I think its because of all the emphasis that was placed on food and keeping weight stable. Then again the media isn't much help either.

thank you Josephine. now i am kind of understanding the ED. my whole life my father has been a compulsive over-eater,while my mother (a doctor in nutrition) has lived on parsley an lemon and hot water with a squeeze of juice. she might eat an appitizer of sashimi and complain about how full she is. needless to say, she is a twig. so beyond the D, my life has been a ballancing act with food. i call my anorexia "Fred." this is not that much to do with my psychosis, just a label that my doc and i have come up with to express how ill i feel and what my mood of the day is. my husband will say something like: "gee, Daisy, Fred is really active today....why dont you eat something and you will feel better (another way of saying "healthy."

when i started on TD, i was 109lbs; now i am 106.4lbs. i really cant go any lower, but my ED wants me aushwitz thin(ematiated basically) and that is truelyunhealthy and unrealistic. my husband is very patient and very supportive and a real soul mate life saver. each day is a new day to explore my feelings and to try my best. i am just so exhausted by everything.

thx again for your feedback i will take as much as i can get.
Daisy Mae.