What on earth is going on!

I had an appointment with my optician today to have my eyesight checked- easy way out when having a long time headache since I’ve been nearsighted for 10 years. Optician couldn’t find anything with my eyes even though I don’t see totally clear at the moment. My eyes just get tired fast when looking at things far away and I really need to focus to see things clearly.
My optician wrote a letter for me to get an appointment with a GP as soon as possible and have a lot of tests done. Went to my GP clinic to hand in the letter, and they more or less just waved me off saying it wasn’t an emergency when I’ve had a headache almost constantly for the past 3 weeks and it’s not my eyesight causing the problem. On and off I get dizzy and nauseaus. Appetite is pretty low and have probably lost some weight. Bleh, this is just so annoying! I want to feel my best on my wedding in a couple of weeks!

You should be seen by an ophthalmologist, not just an optician or an optometrist.

Noticed on your page that you’re pre-diabetic. Has your BG been really high? This can cause terrible headaches & vision changes.

It must be different in Sweden because in the US opticians make lenses, fit glasses & fill prescriptions for glasses. Here they’re not trained to do eye exams or diagnose.

Can you go to another doctor or a specialist? Or, to an emergency room if no one will take your symptoms seriously.

when I was first diagnosed my bg’s had gone so high that I went from wearing glasses to seeing 20/20. For the first four months I wore 4 different prescriptions in contacts until my eyes got back to what they were. Your symptoms sound like the early diabetes warning signs. Are you testing regularly?

I agree with Sarah…maybe you have to see an ophthalmologist. He can rule out if your symptoms are eye related, muscle or neuro related. Then he can refer you to a specialist. How’s your bg control?

This was one of the first signs that my BG was out of control. For a while, until you can get your diabetes under control, you can go from needing a prescription to not needing a prescription in like minutes - seriously. I went from seeing 20/20 to needing trifocals to needing reading glasses to needing a small amount of correction. Your body is trying to tell you something. Even if your a1c is around 6 or 7, this symptom can still be marked of diabetes.

My levels hasn’t been higher than usual. Just up to about 180 and down to 64. I check it almost daily when I just have strips at home. Now I’m just waiting answers from my GP clinic about when they will see me, and this will be the last time I turn to them! I’ve just yesterday changed to a new clinic which is a private clinic but still co-operating with the public ones, just waiting for that transfer between clinics to finish now. I’m just fed up with my current clinic, they never listen and don’t take things seriously unless you’re actually dying when seeing them.

Here’s another resource you may find useful in connection with your eye health: