I Can See Clearly Now

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago at Diabetes1.org about my latest eye examination(s) . I've had a few interesting replies from others - some at the website - some via PM (been told my optic nerve could be swollen) - all in all - interesting feedback as to how well we can trust our doctors to detect problems that maybe we are more of aware of then they are (maybe due to lack of time with their patients - they rush?).

I had been to my regular 6 months ophthalmologist check up - and as usual - she thinks I'm the cat's meow with the way my eyes are after all these years of having diabetes. A few weeks later, I had my eyes checked for prescription for glasses (have been experiencing blurry vision, eye aches) -
turns out - lenses too strong - and the other thing - I have a cataract starting in the eye that always seems to have blurry vision. At the time I thought the lady who did my eye exam for vision was an optician, but last night, when I went to pick up my glasses, she is actually an ophthalmologist! I
am now having thoughts of switching to her instead of the one I've been going to for years. Anyway, to read on the rest of my dribble, go to this link ( http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2010/11/3 )