What rapid and long acting insulin combo do you use?

I've been using aphidra for a few months now after being forced to switch to it from Humalog (Humalog is not currently available in Philippines). I've decided I don't like Aphidra. It's action doesn't feel as neat and defined as I experienced with Humalog. I would go back to Humalog today, if I could get it.

So my only other choice for fast acting would be Novalog (insulin aspart), it seems, so I'm going to try that when I have to buy new fast acting in a couple of days.

All along, I've been using Humalin-N as my basal. However, after seeing my daughter's endo a few weeks ago, she asked why on earth I was still on Humalin-N instead of a newer insulin. I replied, 'because it works'. But then got to thinking, does it really work? Because although humalin-N seems to cover me well overnight and into fasting in the morning, when I take the morning dose I will invariably go low by lunch time.

My current solution is to skip the morning dose of Humalin-N and skip breakfast. I will take my first meal either as lunch or dinner depending on my works schedule / how I feel, and just cover it with fast acting, as required (I am playing around with the concept of intermittent fasting)... if I don't eat my blood sugar is typically quite good (except overnight into fasting, which I definitely need insulin for).

So what's a good combo to go with my Novalog trial? I read that Lantus has higher igf-1 receptor affinity and has been shown to cause higher levels of antibody production than human insulin, so this would leave levermir.

What combos of insulin are most people on?

Hi Sally
When i was on shots, i used Novolog and Levemir. They are both from NovoNordisk, so same brand, they should work together well. You inject it twice a day.
At the end, you still have to find out what works best for you, i have never used Lantus so i can't tell you anything about that.

Originally I was on R and NPH. Then I was on Humalog and NPH. Then Humalog and Lantus. Now Apidra, and I have a prescription for Lantus but am going to try and get one for Levemir instead. I use it only as backup for if I have pump issues, and Levemir doesn't last as long as Lantus, which to me would make it more flexible.

I switched from Humalog to Apidra about three years ago because I was having periods of prolonged highs that would not come down with Humalog and though tit might be insulin crystalizing in my pump tubing or infusion set. I do get fewer "no delivery" alarms with Apidra, but the issue of having periods of having periods of prolonged highs that just won't come down has continued (I'm in one right now).

Hi Super_sally. I use Apidra and Levemir; at one time, I added Regular for pizza-type meals. Now I just split the dose of Apidra in half and take it both before and after carby meals. (Lantus gave me a constant headache.) I'm sure you already know that you have to take Levemir in a split dose; right now I'm taking 3 units in the morning and 5 units at night. I've taken Novolog, and while it's a good insulin (lasting longer in the vial/pen than Apidra), it's a little slow-acting with too long a tail for me. For me, Apidra and Levemir are working very well.

I use Lantus and Novolog. I have pretty good luck with novolog and it works great for me, better than humalog (which worked too slowly for me and gave me headaches ) , I've only used Lantus as long acting (Besides my attempt at using the pump) and I like it. I prefer it to the idea of levemir though as I don't have a good schedule to take 2 long acting shots per day in a split dose. It's easier to just do one 11 unit shot of Lantus for me. I very rarely go low in the morning with lantus , though most the time I'm stable and in the 80 to 90 mg/dL range first thing in the morning.