Insulin Preferences?

Was curious what some of you prefer and any particular reasons:
Lantus vs Toujeo
Apidra vs Humalog vs Novolog

I did not notice any difference with a sample of Toujeo vs my Lantus.
I did not see any real benefit of Humalog vs my Humulin R.

On a pump right now, but definitely preferred Levemir to Lantus, since I needed two shots/day with both, but Levemir did not sting. Have never tried Toujeo or Tresiba.

For rapid, I cannot use Humalog due to an allergy or sensitivity. My skin reacts best to Novolog; however, I like the shorter tail that I get from Apidra.

How’d you use the snap,@thas? I thought it only was set up for humalog? I’ve always used novolog. I only have tried one humalog pen-- I didn’t like it as much, but I imagining could get accustomed to it. My real preferrence is afrezza, though, paired with tresiba-- but I still use the novolog as well.

i’m back, on mdi, so tresiba & novolog,.

I use Humalog in my pump, almost 16 years now. I don’t remember what I was using when on mdi.

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@erice you’re on Lantus & Tresiba?

I use Levemir, R, and Apidra. Each fills a different role.

I have used humalog novolog and apidra, humalog worked good, but novolg worked better for my metabolism. apidra is quick, but doesn’t last as long, so for my body, I will stick with Novolog. It does the job the best with my pump.

i know i made a boo boo in it, just Tresiba & novolog,.

I “cheated” a little :blush: A little research helped me discover that Sanofi uses glass cartridges in its prefilled pens that are almost exactly the same dimensions at Humalog penfills. The Solostar pens are made from soft plastic - especially the part that holds the cartridge. So… my pocket knife and I went to town on a pen and tried it in the Snap. Worked perfectly - unit for unit. So I had a solution that worked like a charm - and which I’d still be using if Asante had survived.

I’m on a pump, just curious, does anyone use apidra in their pump?
I’ve heard great things about it. I’m pregnant right now and I don’t think I can use it during pregnancy. I looked into it once. Its not approved for pregnancy.

Anyway, thinking about trying it out after baby is born. Any thoughts?


i ues, it in pump, when i was on it, but it made me go to high,.

I have used Apidra in all the pumps that I’ve used without and issues. I have paid attention to the potential of Apidra for both crystalization and sensitivity to heat; however, I have not seen either issue become a problem. Used it in Omnipod and tubed pumps.

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I’ve used Apidra in my pump since 2011. I used Humalog before that.

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I’m on MDI. The only basal I’ve used is Lantus, so I can’t make any comparison of it to others.

I’ve used all three fast-acting insulins, and my preference is (1) Apidra (2) Humalog (3) Novolog. The major reason is that for me the majority of the insulin action was done in 3 hours with Apidra, whereas it was 4 hours with Humalog and 5 hours with Novolog. All three had at least a small tail after those times, but those were the number of hours after injecting dinner basal that I felt I had to wait to feel I could take a bedtime reading and if it was about 100, I could safely go to bed. I’d correct or eat carbs to get it to that number if my bedtime reading wasn’t where I wanted it. Sometimes insulin action took place after that, but by leaving a 30-point margin above hypo territory, the chances were slim I’d go hypo overnight. My Lantus keeps me pretty steady overnight until DP starting at 4 AM.

Humalog does fit my absorption profile better for pasta meals than does Apidra, but we only have pasta a couple of times a month. Apidra matched the absorption profile better for most other meals.

Interesting. I have my DIA set at 4.5 hours on my pump with Apidra, as there is definitely still BG-lowering going on after 4 hours. I don’t notice much difference between it and Humalog, but maybe I would if I were to switch back to Humalog now that I’m using a CGM.

There definitely are individual differences in how people react to different insulin. I know on another website there was at least one person who said that for him Novolog was faster than Humalog. That certainly isn’t the case for me.

Another thing I didn’t mention in my earlier post is how much faster Apridra starts working compared to Humalog and Novolog - at least for me. This certainly is of consequence if one is a little high before a meal and wants it to drop before eating. In a couple of tests for me my BG hadn’t dropped a single point in 30 minutes with either Humalog or Novolog. In one test of Novolog it hadn’t dropped a single point in even 40 minutes. I only tested Apidra once on that score, and it had dropped 30-some points. I don’t recall the exact number. And the one time I had a really high BG of 307, a 3-unit dose of Apidra dropped it 212 points in three hours + 20 minutes. That last one was a correction bolus only, not correction plus meal bolus.

i used it in my pump, to Apidra, but anyone knows, why it will, make you go way high, ?.

I was on the novolog/lantus combo for a long time.

I am on the single injection a day and multiple daily inhalations (MDI v2?) with Tresiba/Afrezza combo now. I’m expecting a significant A1C drop at my next doctor visit with the way my levels have been controlled with the new combo. Although I still do use novolog every once in a while… Mainly because I have a stockpile I want to get rid of :slight_smile:

My son pumps with the OmniPod system and has been using Apidra for several years. We switched from Novolog bc of the very long tail. We have found Apidra to be faster in and faster out - still not as fast as I would like, but a marked improvement for Caleb.

However, Caleb has been using Apidra for many years and I wonder if his body would react differently to Novolog now that he’s older/bigger. My point of comparison is when he was probably about half the size he currently is.