What Scares Me

Now I have not yet gotten to the part where I am doing everything that I should be doing. I am halfway there. I have been eating very healthy and have gone from eating out everyday at least 2 meals a day to bringing my (healthy) lunch to work and cooking dinner. That was a major transformation for me, after all, I work full-time and commute one hour each way to work. It takes time to plan. I have to do more shopping etc. I have a husband and three boys etc. Ok, now that I have that worked out. I need to get my behind to the gym. I already have an appointment with a trainer to show me the ropes as I am lost when it comes to working out on the machines. Cardio, I can handle but for resistance training, I need help.

Now what scares me is when I have all this routine down pat and I'm doing everything I am supposed to, I want to be in the free and clear zone. I want to know that if I do A thru Z that it will pay off and I will be free and clear from the possibility of any complications. I hate that word. I hate that I had to type that word just now. It scares me. But that possibility is out there. I know that this can be minimized by following the plan. I have a lot of hope in my heart and a lot of plans for my life. I am motivated.

Congratulations on the changes you’ve made!

No guarantees for anybody. And, having db just makes us more aware of that truth.
As far as the changes you’ve made, I always say “build on the victories, big or small”.
When I was diagnosed, 33 years ago, I was completely paralyzed by fear of complications. It was a total waste of energy and some good years.
But, I’m still hete to tell about it, and plan on continuing.

Hi susan, I’ve been fighting fear for 3 yrs now, being told I was prediabetic, but have been in denial since. I’m now waiting for results of test done on Monday. I’m dreading the results, as I fear again that 've finally reached the actual diagnoses.