What should I tell my Endo so she will prescribe me a CGM?

I see my Endo tomorrow and want/need a CGM. What should I tell her so she will write me a script for one? My bgs have been all over the place. Since switching to Novolog from Humalog I have not been feeling low until I’m in the 40s! I know not good! So im gonna try and get her to send a letter to my insurance company to get back on humalog. Any suggestions?

I just told the doctor I wanted one and he was supportive. I would go directly to Dexcom and have them coordinate all the work between the insurance and the doctor. Thats what I did and it made it a lot easier than me or the doctor coordinating. Dexcom works with all the insurance companies and they know all the rules and procedures.

Agree with Jim. Keeping logs also helped me. They asked maybe 3 to 6 months worth of logs. Can’t quite remember. But that helped alot! Good luck!!

I think anyone with diabetes, especially if they take insulin should qualify for a CGM. If you're dealing with a stingy insurance company, have the doctor write that you have hypoglycemic unawareness and greatly variable BGs. This is often the case with many diabetics.

Most doctors will be supportive of your choice to go on a pump. Your insurance company may however ask you and your doctor for test results to support the expense. You may be required to produce test results documenting a specific number of highs and lows in a given timeframe. (Sorry, I don't remember what those parameters are.) Your doctor may also have to produce test results showing that this is a medical necessity. One example of this might be a C-peptide test that shows little to no pancreatic function. My endo had to submit multiple c-peptide results for T2 patients (to their respective insurance companies)because insurance companies are now questioning the need for something that is such a high dollar claim. This may not be the case for you. Figure out what pump you want and let them communicate with your insurance. They will also contact your doctor for the prescription. The pump companies already know which insurance companies require what info. Let THEM do the work for you. After all, they are making quite a bit of money from billing your insurance for a pump/CGM. Good Luck!