What sports do you participate in? (Martial Arts Included :D)

Pretty much every diabetic participates in some type of excercise every day, including sports. Which sports do you participate in?

My favorite sport to participate in is volleyball. Aside from that, I take 3 types of martial arts: Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu (Brazilian and Japanese), and Judo. I must say, they help control my sugar to a level thats almost equal with insulin itself. Although, I did have an incident in which the pump patch on my side got roundhouse kicked right off my side! Ouch!

I started mountain biking when I was first diagnosed with type 2 (20 years ago at 36)
After a few years I got in shape, rode w/ a bunch of guys and we started to go to mt bike races, raced HARD for about 6 years
Now ( the last few years) I ride 3 times a week, more if I can, 1 to 2.5 hours mid week and 2 to 5 hours on Sundays
I went on a minimed 722 in January and use 75% of my basal for the length of the ride. I eat fast carbs (clif shot or clif blok) right at the beginning of the ride (20 -25 carbs) and eat 10 - 20 carbs every 30 min. I bolus for about 10% less then my minimed wizard suggest each time I eat. Usually my BG is 90 – 120 1 hour after I ride

nice. i always wanted to ride a bike. but when my brother nearly lost his “family jewels” during an unfortunate tricycle accident in which on of the edges of the bike was a little to sharp, ive always had bad thoughts about riding bikes. i like to keep my feet on the ground! :smiley:

I am a middle school PE teacher and a HS volleyball coach, so get lots of exercise throughout the day. My husband and I also play softball together in the spring and summer. I do not enjoy working out alone, such as running. Team sports or classes are much more enjoyable to me. Does chasing around my 2 three year olds count too???

I don’t think “pretty much every diabetic particpates in some type of exercise every day.” Of all the people I know, some with diabetes, some not, exercise is rare.

I workout every morning. I do a combo of weight lifting, cardio, step aerobics, and yoga. My husband and I ride bikes in the spring and summer. I also like to walk outside when it’s nice.

I think most diabetics concerned about themselves exercise, since most people I know exercise, my friends are therefore cooler than that other ladies, jk.

Hello Beetis:

I don’t consider them "sports"at all, my goals are never concerned with “winning”. However most would consider martial arts PHYSICAL activity (at minimum) therefore, Karate practice would obviously fit.

I recently learned to ride a bicycle for the first time.

I walk occasionally play on the treadmill…


I started riding bikes last March and rode a little over 7000 miles by the end of the year. I comute on my bike 9 miles each way most days regardless of the weather.

I started riding with some groups and found that I really like the competion on the sprints, so I entered my first bike race last October.

I also run 5-6 days per week at least 3 miles, and am currently doing about 25 miles per week of running.

Somewhere along the way, I got this crazy idea that I would like to try and qualify for the Kona Ironman world championships (I guess because, I have never been to Hawaii and it would be an excuse to go, plus I like the adventure aspect)

So I also started doing triathlon this year and have done 3 so far this summer. 2 sprint distance and one Olympic.

I have learned a lot about fueling myself for intense activity that lasts over an hour (to maintain BG levels) the worst thing that has happened so far is when I did my Olympic tri and did not realize when I bolused for my extra carb breakfast that my infusion site had failed and I was giving myself topical insulin :slight_smile:

When I finished the race and checked my BG it said HI so I bolused for a 450 since that is where my meter stops and 2 hours later I was still at 427.

I have been a type 1 since 1973 and never in my life would I have imagined that after 3.5 hours of exercise I would ever have a high BG let alone one that hi. Live and learn.

Needless to say I did not perform all that well either :slight_smile:

BTW my goal to qualify for Kona is 2011!

I hope this is not to long winded for this thread?

Hello Beetis:

How bout front-kicking the little pump right off ourselves!!! (In slow motion no less)