Active with a Pump?

Hi there everyone. I'm new to this site, and was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who played sports with a pump. I have had Diabetes for about 7 years, and if you look at my profile you can see that I do a lot of sports, I compete in most of them too. Please add me if you are in a similar situation.
Thanks!! = )

I do and it is easy to cope with

Hey! I am on a pump, I used to do sports and have my stories, but I'm active with working out, so maybe I can help you? Totally message me :)

YES! I have had Diabetes for almost 13 years now, I am currently 17 and I participate competitively as a Libero in volleyball, Thrower in Track and Field, and I also am in CrossFit! I live and breathe competitive sports. I have had a pump for about 11ish years, I’ve gone through 3 different brands and about 5 models. If you have any questions or want a friend HMU! Im not usually on here, but if you have an insta add me up! @mikirochelleT02