What time should you take the shot?


I recently started Victoza about 2 months ago. I’ve been remiss in taking it everyday because I never think to look for my medication in the refrigerator. However, the past 3 weeks I’ve been really good about it. I was also taking Metformin but stopped after doing a lot of research on it concerning people my age-I will be 64 in November. It is my hope that Victoza comes through for me. As I am disabled it is exceptionally hard to lose weight. My Physician Assistant never fails to ask me if I want to have the band operation done. And I never fail to refuse. I have seen sooo many people who have had it done. Most end up gaining all the weight back and everyone of them hand skin that looked like melted wax hang from under their arms, between their thighs of course their lower stomach. etc. So, I have my hopes pinned on Victoza to keep my sugar down which it has remarkably well. Depending on what I eat it ranges from 85 to 153 but the average is 114 or there about. As for losing the weight with Victoza I really couldn’t say. What I will say is if I do end up losing a good amount of weight that would be great but my main concern is keeping diabetes at bay as that is a killer like no other. It effects every single organ in one way or another. Of all the dis-eases I most fear it is this one…and i end up with it.And I know why. I gained 125 pounds through depression {loss of sister{, anxiety {same}, being on medication for both. This happened in short time span. I went from 140 pounds to 265 pounds seemingly over night though it was in fact a few years. Along with that is the disintegrating spine and knees and here I sit with few options for exercise…one of the best things for ANY dis-ease. I wish each and every one of you the very best of luck and great success.


I am taking Victoza in the morning now. I started taking it at night, but nurse said morning may help control eating during day hours better. I have lost 7 pounds!! I was stuck around 153-155 for about 7 months after starting insulin. I weighed 148 today! First time getting to this number in 9 months! I take Tresiba at night and have dropped from 19 units to 10 units currently. Glad to be reducing insulin which caused 25-30 pounds of weight gain in the first month.

I am also feeling less side effects than Trulicity. I have joined the local rec center, swimming 20 laps upped it to 25 laps which is about 7/10 of a mile. Today I walked on treadmill 30 minutes and actually did some weight machines. I am feeling better and lighter. Carrying extra weight is so tiring and I am encouraged to have finally been able to drop some weight. My blood sugars remain great fasting around 100-120 lately. I don’t spike and don’t take any bolus insulin anymore. I hope it continues. I also found a new endo that I will see in November. Happy Weekend to All!!


Sounds wonderful. I hope all goes well for you. I’ve not had to take insulin and will do what I can to avoid that…except ingest Metformin which raises the incidence of death in people aged 55 and over. I’m going to be 64. There is a lot of research in that area that substantiates it so I told my PA that I wasn’t taking it anymore. Perhaps I’ll start taking the Victoza in the A.m. My problem is that I’m up all night so what I should do is take it when I wake up in the afternoon-which unfortunately fluctuates o i would never be taking the injection at the same time of day. I am disabled so exercise is extremely difficult for me. Swimming is about the only option I have but unless I get a sponsor I wouldn’t be able to afford the Y even being a Senior Citizen. Sometimes it almost feels like "you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.I couldn’t believe how much weight I gained from being disabled, certain meds I take, and depression. There are times it overwhelms me just thinking about it and NOT realizing or paying attention to it happening. I suppose that it happened when my mind was on other things or on nothing at all. Just had blood work done. I should know Monday what the results are. I know my sugar count but its the A1c’s that we have to watch out for. I wish everyone here the best of health. Stay true to your convictions in battling this dis-ease and you will win. ~D~