Victoza, when and how to take shot

I’ve been on Victoza about 3 weeks now on dose 1.2. My fasting are still too high. One morning my fasting was 101. I have no idea why but it was just one day.

So, do you think it is better absorbed from the stomach vs the outer thigh? And, is there a time of day that might be better to take your shot? It seems to me it worked better for me when I took my shot right before bedtime. I changed to late morning. My endo suggested in the am. Anybody else noticed a difference?

Oh, and is it best to store the Victoza in the frig. even the pen you are currently using?

I hope everyone stays well during this coronavirus epidemic. It’s really scary for those of us with diabetes and others with underlying conditions.


Hi,I injected in my abdomen all the time,rotating sites of course. I stored mine in the fridge except the pen I was using. As long as it is not too hot where you live. Pens last 30 days.are you on metformin? Or other medication? Do you count carbs? This information might be helpful in getting blood sugars down. Welcome to the group. Nancy50

Nancy, I started injecting in my stomach and switched to a night time injection last night. Blood sugar fasting this am was 30 points lower! So, I am going to switch to a night time injection. Yes, I count carbs and keep them under 100g. most days. I do not take any other meds. Metformin gave me bad diarrhea.

I switched to a Trulicity a once a week injectable .works well. Make notes and keep track of things. Good luck. Nancy50

I took it off-label as a type 1 and my only advice is to ROTATE SITES! I absent-mindedly injected in the same spot too many times (stomach) and caused a small divot that now, at over a year later, is almost back to normal. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nancy! Glad Trulicity is working for you. Once a week shot sounds good! I am losing some much needed weight on Victoza, so as long as that happens, I’ll stick with it!!

Thanks for that reminder Allison about the rotation of sites! I do that but it’s an important point that bears repeating and reminding!!!

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I lost about 20 pounds with Victoza - I realized when I forgot to take it for a week that my food cravings were ridiculous. It’s a really great med to have!

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That did not happen to me on it. Great that it is working so well for you. Nancy50

How long did it take you to lose 20 pounds, Allison?

Good question… not sure since I wasn’t really regularly keeping track of my weight. Started in January of 2015 and it was probably by mid year.

Thanks for the reply. I hope the weight keeps coming off for me. It was the most the first week on the lowest dose, now it’s slower. As long as it’s steady, I don’t mind!!! I think slow is better anyway.

You’re definitely more likely to keep it off if you go slowly :slight_smile: