What to read next?

Just finished “Think like a pancreas”. I learned alot of good information and was wondering what to read next. Any ideas?

Using Insulin or Pumping Insulin … they’re both pretty good…for those who use or are planning to start using insulin.

Pumping Insulin is also REALLY good if you’re considering the pump or already on it. Or you could do what I did and ready Think Like a Pancreas again. I’ve read that book three times and always come away with even more info.

Thanks so much. I have a Dr.s appt. tomorrow and I am going to talk to him about a pump. I am just now really interested in getting some info on pumping, been diagnosed since October of 2010. I still have so much to learn.

I always recommend “Think Like a Pancreas” (which you have read) and John Walsh’s books (“Using Insulin” and “Pumping Insulin”). If you get a pump, I consider “Pumping Insulin” and all the recommended charts and calcs to be essential. I hope you are able to get a pump, they are life-changing for the better.

I talked with my dr. today and she was very excited that I am interested in a pump. Got the paperwork started. She even loaned me the book “pumping insulin”. She recommended the minimed, I will do some research on my own. Thanks so much!!