A1C Lab Results In!


My endo says that normally she has a hard time getting her insulin dependent patients down below 7, but with me she’s worried about hypo and actually wants me to get it up a little.

Meanwhile, I am very very happy.

4.8 and on shots! That is crazy good control. I am so envious. If you can keep yours in that range, I don’t think you have to worry about hypos. You have great control. Keep up the good work and make sure to share your secrets.

wow… how do you do it!

I’m new type 1 and that’s what I’m shooting for. My first real A1C was 5.8. I eat very few carbs and I keep meticulous watch on my numbers. I know a girl who’s been T1 for a long time and she does straight up Atkins and here A1C was 4.9! I’m sure you eat very little carb. That’s a big reason T1s are thought to have such high A1Cs because it’s a losing battle if you eat a substantial amount of carbs. No one can be that good at knowing EXACTLY how much insulin will be needed on a given day to cover the EXACT amount of carbs they’re intaking and guessing EXACTLY how their body chemisty is reacting on that day due to stress, illnes, physical activity etc. Its impossible. My ultra low carb diet has made this so much easier to keep my numbers in line than others that I know that have poor eating habits. I already watched what I ate so this isn’t really that hard for me. Especially when you see what’s at stake. My endo was really surprised when he saw my first A1C at 5.8 (down from 11.7) and I’m shooting for 5 for my next. My monitor’s 14 day average is always between 98-103. Keep up the good work. Get back to me when you have time, I need injection technique advice. I’m having a horrible time trying to get this down pat.


You rock. I’m hoping to get 6.8 or less on my next test (end of October). And I’m using a pump and a CGM. I don’t know what you’re doing but keep it up!