What was your last blood sugar?

For me… 7.4 or 129, depends which way you look at it :slight_smile:
Your turn!

Just took it at 104 mg/dl

93 yesterday aft breakfast and a long walk 60 min

188 this morning! was higher last night having a hard time getting it down. Think I need to change my correction settings.

125 mg/dL… fasting… not too wonderful.

68 fasting… thats what i get for a long night and sleeping in haha

115 fasting

95 at 8:30am…Fasting… Not bad but would like better :wink:

0945 mine was 101 and at 1300 it was 141 which is not bad considering I had mcdonalds for lunch gosh I am in love with my pump!!


211- Damn Tim Horton’s!!!

136 this morning… haven’t found a time to test today because I’m eating at weird times (or all the time) with this sinus infection.

98 mg/dL

98 an hour or so after lunch :slight_smile:

My fasting was 6.3 (114) and just now 6.9 (124)! Thank goodness…I have a morning number under 8 !! Yahoo!

if that’s not the perfect excuse to eat more pizza, i don’t know what is!




166 this am think I done something wrong last night! Like ate too much of something!