What Where Your Blood Glucose Readings This Morning

4.1 MMOL/l 73.8 MG/DL 73.8

5:00 AM, 42 BG. Corrected with a DanActive (yogurt drink, 14 carbs), 111 BG at 8:00 AM. I've already cut my basal, don't want to cut it by much more.

Just out of curiosity, Trudy, why don't you want to cut your basal? Or was that 42 atypical?

My fasting was 109 this morning.

Fasting was 102 at 7:15 am.

79 this morning. A lot better that yesterday at 152. Usually around 90 though.

Gary S

108. i like to have it in double digits but...

4:45 am 54 but I tend to run low in the morning then start going up as the day unwinds

151 just took a small correction .5

4:30 am...209mg/dL...Veal and spaghetti dinner...well my fancy two step bolus was a complete failure...o well won't be my last bad morning ether...;)

Hi Zoe. Too many factors here! In the winter I take: 8:30AM, 1 1/2units; 2:30PM, 2 units; 9:30PM 5 units. This summer I've cut down 1/2 unit in the afternoon, another whole unit at night. I'm afraid to take less since I'm not taking much to begin with. I think the problem at night is slow digestion. I've never had the need to cut down this much before in the summer, so I'm thinking it's a combination of heat and slow digestion -- I'd be happy to give up both!

Ugh, 147 when I woke up, bolused, puttered a bit, took the dog out, etc. checked again 45 minutes or so later and got 232 without any inputs, other than going running with the group, which seems to get my adrenaline going? Eggs w/ spinach broccoli and bacon, then ran 8 miles, about 20G of Gatorade (not quite the whole bottle...) and am at 77 now...

God, AR, I'm exhausted! But I know that is far from typical for you.

I know I would lose the weight I'm concerned about easily If I did what you did when faced with that high rather than inject more insulin. Like that is going to happen...lol. Still...good work and thanks for letting us know that even our heroes don't always flatline.

LOL. I took insulin *and* ran and was a bit concerned re the jiggy telemetry from the CGM but it all worked out in the end.

140. Grrr. I slept thru my morning date with my Levemir pen. Hopefully I bolused enough to bring it down before lunch. Congratulations to those who are having awesome numbers!

Ah, I forgot you don't use your pump most of the time. Remind me why? (Sorry, I'm full of questions today). It's so much easier to perfect the basals with a pump. I guess I would just be concerned about waking up to such a low number. But yes, it does sound like you are balancing several variables!

This morning I was 57 at 8:15 am. Oooops!

Zoe, I know you don't read the blogs so much, so I'll repeat what I said in my last one: I'm almost 82 years old. My body sort of changed, and in such a way as to eliminate my good infusion spots. So I gave up. I take Levemir, Apidra and Regular (to help with the slow digestion). Last night I did cut down the basal to 4 units and woke up to 55 BG, a little better. The weather is also a little cooler today -- 80's, maybe that will help.

Thanks for explaining, Trudy; you're right I don't read blogs! I understand now. Sounds like you are doing the best you can and I hope the cool weather helps as well. I know how hard that is when 1 unit increase is too much and 1 unit less is too little! That's great that you have 1/2 units and split your Levemir three ways. Judging by your A1C it sounds like it all works for you - we use the tools we have!

  1. Woo hoo!

I was 8.0 mmol/L (144 mg/dl) at 7:30 this morning. I was 9.4 (169) at 2:30 AM ... As usual, the one night I actually wake up to test and see if I can figure out what is going on to cause me to be waking up in the high teens (that's in the 300s) a lot lately, my blood sugar behaves completely differently! Oh well, maybe whatever was causing that is over ...