What would you do?

You go to ccook lunch and all you have is whiting fish. 100 cal per seving and no carbs. So you get ou three servings. You also have eight saltine crackers. So you crush the crackers and coat the fish and fry them in two tablespoons of oil.Your blood sugar is 154 How much novolog would you take? I took five units. If I'm wrong I get a snack or another injection!

It would depend what one's ratio is. Mine is like 9G/U or 7G/U, depending on the time of day. The crackers would be about what, 20-30G of carbs (I'd look @ the box but don't have saltines around...), depending on how many stick to the fish. The CB would run me about 1.5-2U so you are probably close w/ 5U. I would watch it closely...

How many grams of carb in the crackers and what is your insulin to carb ratio? You need to know these things in order to bolus properly. I took 1 unit for 20g of carb, but everyone is different.


you are right Cora and acidrock. I don't know his carb ratio. I would bake instead of frying.

Ditto acidrock and Cora. The first thing I would do is correct that 154 before I even considered eating that meal. And I'll add that I would probably go out for lunch (I don't like fish even with crackers on it). Hope it worked out okay.

I was sort of intrigued by the fried in crackers proposal. I just had some Pringles for lunch. 1.4U, bolus cut a bit as I was @ 70...

Pringles? 60% fat.......oh no acidrock! :)

I'm going running, it's like 25 degrees out.

Thanks Guys! I am kind of new to the whole carb counting stuff. The last time I had any schooling on my diabetes they went by points. I think 75 calories was one point.I have no Idea on a carb ratio. I'm trying to learn as much as I can because I'd like to get a pump. At 2:00 my blood sugar was 121 so I must have been close.

I would say hooray!
How much does it weigh? How much protein is it? What is your I:carb ratio? Do you normally bolus to reduce your BG to 100? I do.
SO, imagining this fish at 18 grams protein, I'd take insulin at my 1:3 ratio for 9 grams, plus 1.5 units for 54 down to 100. THEN,
I'd turn on the oven to 400, do a swipe of a baking dish with spray olive oil, put in the fish, take it out in 10 minutes and
No carbs = GREAT! Protein = GREAT! PURRfect timing.

Most docs will start you off at a ratio of 1 unit for every 15 g of carb (read labels). From there you test and figure out if you need more or less insulin. Keep in mind that your ratio can be different at different times of day. If you want to pump, you will definitely have to learn this.


I found the "Calorie King" books to be a highly useful resource for counting. They are organized by food group and list carbs maybe some other stuff, fat, calories, fiber or whatever but I only look at the "carb" section. I find the book a lot easier to flip through than online stuff. It also has a pretty extensive section of junk foods, restaurant foods, county fair foods (seriously, elephant ears!) and booze which I have also found very useful. We got one @ WalMart like $6.99 and then the pump people gave me one too. It's small enough that I could put it in my pocket. A scale is also useful to find out how much 28G of nuts or potato chips or 85G of carrots exactly is. Once you've practiced, I think eyeballing/ winging it is ok but I like having the resource available a lot.

Everything whent well, until late afternoon. My blood sugar was 145. I had a snack and a 4u shot and my blood sugar shot up to 254 before supper! Screw it! I'm eating everthing in sight in retalliation!

Yeah, eat everything. That will show 'em.

Oh wait. Who is them? That is the part that I have to stop and think about.

gayler, you said "I am kind of new to the whole carb counting stuff. The last time I had any schooling on my diabetes they went by points. " In your last thread you said "I take 15u novolog at each meal, 30u lantus at bed time".

I'm glad to hear that you're working on counting carbs, but you won't have too much success if, as others have said, you don't know your insulin:carb ratios. Where did you come up with 5 units? How many carbs were in the crackers? Given that you ate a lot of protein, I'd suspect that was at least part of what shot you up late afternoon.

If you're still thinking about getting a pump, get a copy of Think Like A Pancreas . It has really clear methods for determining your ratios, as well as loads of other useful info! You might also want to browse through bloodsugar101.

The 5u was just a guess. The thing is it held me steady till late afternoon. If I had taken more I would have gone low.The snack I had was 24gram carb I had two units to hopefully correct the high sugar level and two to hopefully cover the snack. Obviously it didn't work. I have the book on order also.

Yeah I know, it was only a joke. Sometimes I get discouraged.

Great! Glad you ordered the book :) So... if you can figure out how many carbs were in the fish/saltines, you have a starting point for your ratio, at least for that time of day.