Whats positive for the day for you

Guys and Gals,

I really want to see some more positive stuff to write about. I know that having Diabetes is really hard but if you look around you and realize that you most likely got a good life. Last week, was my 40th birthday celebration and for my granddaughter who was born on my birthday. My husband and I went all out of the way for Izzy’s party and it was beautiful with alot of nice pictures. But you know what, it wasn’t all the decorations and the balloons to make it special…it was the people who showed up from my daughter’s past when she was young since she was 7,they all still managed to stay in touch and at one point of another spend some time together as adults.

The positive note was that when I started taking pictures of everyone, it was all smiles from heaven. Than put the camera on my husband with the grandchildren whom he loves so much and he’s the stepdad to my children but he claims them as his own for over 9 years. I realized what a beautiful home him and i made for our children and grandchildren to be safe and to be loved.

I really appreciate God for all this, the appreciation and love helps me and my husband to see how we won’t let diabetes control us. We don’t forget that we have diabetes cause we have to take meds everyday but we don’t think about it to stress us out.

So when I come on this site to greet newcomers, I feel good inside to meet such wonderful and different peoople to really put alot of positive in my life. It overwhelms the diabetes in me. Meaning I feel good being able to be apart of someone’s life to spread the positive in them as it is in me.

So open your eyes and see something different that you hadn’t notice and realize just how good you got it. So give me some input on your positiveness and let me know. So spread some of that sunshine around and see how other people will be positive as well. Lots of love from me to all of you’ll.