What's the best ACE inhibitor for T1?

Hi everyone, I’ve been to see my Endo today and I had to admit to him that I’ve been slack in taking my ace inhibitor (or NOT taking as the case may be!)

So he wrote me a new prescription for Lisinopril and said that one is best. I have some Cilazipril tablets left over from a previous prescription, and I want to know if the two are equal?

What type of ace inhibitor are you on?

I have macro-albuminuria (not micro) which is unexplained, so I really want to take the tabs, it’s just that Lisinopril makes my low blood pressure worse so that’s why unchanged. Just wondering if the two drugs have the same kidney protecting effects I guess?

I could not tolerate any of the ACE inhibitors. I get feeling of choking and I can never clear my throat. My BP was never high but my Endo thought I should find one that I could tolerate. Finally I was prescribed Coazar which is an Ace Blocker. It has not been studied as much as Ace Inhibitors, but at least there is no side effect for me. The benefit to our kidneys is lower pressure, I'm thinking any drug that does that would work as well.

It sounds like your endo has given you his/her best advice. Your pharmacist should be able to give you a side by side comparison of the drugs. I started taking Lisinopril 2.5mg about 3 years ago for kidney protection. Before I started taking it, my BP usually ran 110/70 or lower. The first few weeks on Lisinopril I had a cough and low grade headaches and a lot of orthostatic hypotension symptoms. All eventually subsided and now my BP once again runs in the 90-100/60-70 range, which is the same as it had been before I started the Lisinopril.

Thanks Tim, I will check out Coazar as it’s always useful to know what alternatives are available, thanks :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for this Kim. Seems my GP and my endo have given me conflicting advice on this, so I will definitely go with what my endo recommends. Thanks for posting your dosage, it’s helpful to know what other people take too. I will check with the pharmacy, and I will email my endo to check if I can use up the remaining Cilazaprils before starting Lisinopril. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Kaitake: I don't know what is "the best," but I take 10 mg of Lisinopril in the morning. I never have had any problems taking it. I was a bit concerned, because I used to have low blood pressure when I was younger, but I have taken the Lisinopril without any low blood pressure problems (no dizziness when standing up, for example).

Thanks Melitta, good to know :slight_smile:

Lisinopril caused life threatening problems for me (swelling of the throat and tongue.Emergency room. Hospital. NOT fun.) I switched to Diovan and have no reactions to it and blood pressure is good, although that was never an issue. Check out Lisinopril before taking, as its reputation precedes it...

I have autonomic neuropathy with orthostatic hypotension. My clueless doctor gave me Lisinopril when I was first diagnosed, "because if you're diabetic, you have to take it," and it practically killed me. With even 1/4 of a pill, my BP was so low I'd sit at the kitchen counter with my head on it for 2 hours before I could actually stand and walk a few feet. The doc didn't believe me because in his office my BP was quite high, even with the Lisinopril. I also had a cough I couldn't shake. I hate Lisinopril, and learned to question if things like that are really necessary. The answer for me so far is "no."