Does anybody take kidney prevention medication?

if so what and how much do you take? i take 5mg of lisinopril

I was recently prescribed 10 mg of lisinopril. My doctor said my kidneys were the same as anyone else my age, but she thought I should take another pill :).

My doctor just prescribed the Lisinopril (10mg) as well. My blood pressure was slightly elevated and while I don’t want to take any more medication than need be I don’t want to have a heart attack or messed up kidneys. I have just learned to deal with it, even though I want to fight it!!!

I take 10 mgs of lisinopril.

Hi Kabbott,
There are a number of medications that help to protect the kidneys. Are you talking about ACE inhibitors? or perhaps I should just ask what you mean by kidney prevention medication?

Ramipril 2.5 mg…same amount for about 7 plus years.An Internist I had prior to pump therapy , did not see the need, however the Doctor I saw, when I started pump therapy recommended.

Same as you. The doctor seemed excited my BP was elevated and could give me another pill.
It makes me cough though so I want to change it. Anyone else get the cough on lisinopril?

Most of my patients are on ACE inhibitors - It is very common.

I take 25 mg of captopril that I just started in January. My doctor started it because he was worried about the amount of protein that I was shooting out from my kidneys.

ACE inhibitor here, I hate explaining I do not have high BP when I go to a new doctor. GRRRRRRRRR

Same here, except I take a 40mg tablet once a day.


Yeah I take 10mg of Lisinopril also. My blood pressure is controlled and it protects my kidneys. My kidneys checks out good too but this will keep them good, hopefully anyhow.

I understand that one. Though on the information about the drug for mine it states that it also is for kidney function. So I keep that and take it with. Though they should know that it is for that. Though sometimes it is the nurses that assume that it is for high BP until they take mine. Mine runs on the low side of normal.

what are ace inhibitors? i just meant kidney prevention. my doctor recommened me to lisinopril for precaution. my doctor says everything looks great when she scans my blood but it doesnt hurt to be safe.

Yup, I take Ramipril 10mg/day. Even if you have no kidney damage, studies suggest taking an ACE inhibitor helps suppress kidney damage. I also notice few, if any, side effects from the medication, so it seems it only benefits me to take it :slight_smile:

Hi Kabbot,
I didn’t mean to shake you up I just wanted to be sure what you were talking about. An ACE inhibitor is correctly called an Angiotensin Converter Enzyme inhibitor amd is given to protect the kidneys in the presence of high blood pressure or diabetes. This enzyme is a chemical that causes muscles around blood vessels to contract and narrow blood vessels increasing pressure inside them. This causes high blood prerssure. The enzyme inhibitors are medications ,that slow (inhibit) the activity of the enzymes and decrease the production of the angiotensin !!. As a result the blood vessels enlarge or dilate and the blood pressure is reduced. This makes it easier for the heart to pump. It improves the function of the heart and slows the progression of kidney disease due to high blood pressure or diabetes.
There are about 10 ACE inhibitors that i know of and they are good drugs.that help protect the kidneys. Some people can’t take the usual ones and they take others like Debb takes, the Diovan and they are excellent drugs also that do the same job. All of these are either protective measures or therapeutic measures in the presence of high blood pressure. Your doctor is protecting you and that is always a good idea. Hope this helps to understand

ACE-inhibitors, which are available in generics, can cause coughs. A similar drug class that helps lower blood pressure and also offers kidney protection is the ARBs. They don’t cause the cough, but are available only as name brands, so more expensive.

My normal bp is 80s/50s so I take the lowest possible dose of Captopril for the kidney protection. I have to take it at night so my bp doesn’t go to low during the day. But I definitely want to protect my kidneys.

thanks saundra… thats actually the first time i heard of the ace inhibitors. i have great BP i guess thats why i have never been told about it…ha you didnt shake me up…lol thanks again for teaching me about it, might need it in the future…

I like you am on an ace inhibitor as well. I am on Benazepril 5mg daily as my blood pressure is normal without meds and my doc was worried it would drop it too low. I had a small amount of protien in my urine prior to taking this and since starting it am back to normal.