Whats your Pregnancy A1C?

What was your A1C pre pregnancy? What is your current A1C? What were your other A1Cs during the course of your pregnancy?
What has been your highest bg reading? Whats your lowest?

Before pregnancy, I had something like 5.7. Then it went down to 5.6, then 5.4, then 5.6, and now (at almost 25 weeks) it’s 5.4.

I’ve had a couple highs in the 240 neighborhood, and I’ve had a few lows in the low-40s.

Pre-conception: 6.9

Conception: 6.5

Last check was in January: 6.1

Highest: One skyrocket to 304. It was ugly but came down within an hour to normal range and stayed there.

Lowest: under 10. Had seven comas

6.3 at conception, then up to 6.5 about a month later (probably due to all those crazy highs we’ve been talking about in the other discussion!). My OB said we’ll just do one each trimester, so I’m due for one soon. Hoping it will be lower. Lowest bg so far: 38. Highest probably 290 or something in the very early days before I knew I was pregnant, since then probably 210? I may be selectively remembering, though. :slight_smile:

I have to keep telling myself it’s not a competition, and just to do the very best I can. I’m super impressed with those ladies who can get their A1c’s below 6, though–kudos to you!!!

Louise: In my case, I’m pretty sure my A1c is good because I’m still honeymooning a little! I was only diagnosed (type 1) a year ago, so I think I there are a few lingering beta cells keeping things a tiny bit more regulated.

Blood sugar control is definitely a bumpier ride in pregnancy, though. I simply didn’t have the sugar spikes before, once we got my boluses figured out, but now I sure as heck do!

Before pregnancy i was always somewhere around 7,5.
At conception i was at 7,3.
At about 16 weeks came down to 6,1.
I have to go check again next week.
My lowest bg was 32 and my highest 280 if i remember well. I rarely see now 200. When i go too high, it’s usually at 160-180.
I still have lows every day, but in the 50-60 range. Sometimes it goes down to 45.

I’m in week 32 now – so I can report on the numbers so far.

I got the green light to start trying when my A1c was 6.5. We only measure A1cs every 3 months, but I have my fructosamine levels measured every month (which is a 2-3 week average). During pregnancy, my A1c’s have been 6.2 in 2nd month, 6.3 in 5th month, and (with Bayer A1c Now at home test) 6.0 in 8th month.

I don’t use a CGMS – so I may not have caught my highest of highs. But I have been above 200 on two occasions. I have seen numbers between 160-180 several times. I see numbers from 140-160 often (when my insulin resistance set in everyday until my needs leveled off – at other times in the pregnancy about 1-2 times per week). My lows were between 50-65. From weeks 9-16, I had 5-15 lows per week. Since then, 0-2 lows per week.

I think that our numbers have A LOT to do with whether our body produces insulin or not, especially in the 1st and 2nd trimesters. My endo thinks that I had some insulin production restored during the 1st and 2nd trimesters (I was NOT honeymooning before pregnancy), which seems right given the lack of high highs. So everyone’s experience will be different based on what’s going in their own body.

Whoa–I didn’t know you could have insulin production restored during pregnancy! Is that common? Nice job on your A1c’s!

My A1c was 8.3 a year before I started trying to get pregnant (and was over 8 since diagnosis). I got a pump and within 6 months was down to 7.1, and in another few months was at 6.5. The thought of trying to get pregnant served as an INCREDIBLE motivator.

I am almost 26 weeks now, and my A1cs have been - 6.4, 5.4, 5.6, 5.2, 4.9.

I test like a crazy woman - 15-20 times per day (thank you, insurance). I have tried to become more OK with being low. Not terribly low… but I used to down a 30g juicebox if I saw 70. Now I am more conservative and watch and wait if I am at 70. I’ve had some bad lows (30s), but in general, I catch them since I test so often and eat lots of smaller meals/snacks throughout the day. Like Kristin, I had an easier time with control my 1st and most of this trimester. Now that I’ve hit some insulin resistance, I’ve seen some 300s and high 100s have become much more common… I feel so lucky it was easier for me early on in pregnancy and have been totally thrown a loop w/this resistance!

Marps, how did you bring that 304 down so quickly? I have the damnest time! Oh, and congrats on great numbers :slight_smile:

It was really speculation on the part of my endo. It could be that I was just extremely insulin sensitive for other reasons. BUT I also have autoimmune hypothyroidism (for which I don’t yet require meds) and my thyroid function also improved during pregnancy. So her hypothesis is that my autoimmune reactions were calmed during pregnancy, which would be pretty cool if it’s true.

That would be really cool. Thanks for explaining.

I’ve heard of this happening too. My friend has hashimotos and I had suggested she ask her doctor (since she wanted to start trying anyway) to become pregnant and see if it helps to soothe her itchiness. She’s been wanting to try for a baby for at least a year now. But with the itchy skin, she has been putting it off thinking the antihistamines will hurt the baby.

I took a Metformin and then went outside and did some yardwork. haha. Took a bolus shot of double my usual correction dosage. Drank lots of water. Usually it doesnt come down that quickly, but my BG have been okay during pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, forget about it. It would have stayed there all day.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Good to know I’m not a freak in that mine doesn’t come down so quickly, since I’m not currently pregnant. I only hope that if/when I do become pregnant, that I can be in as good of control as you are!

Gina- I may be crazy and there have been no tests to prove what I’m about to say but… I think my baby is helping with my Type 1 control. I’ve never been this controlled before. Could it be due to my multiple tests per day? Sure. Could it be due to the Metformin? Okay, sure.

But… I can eat almost anything I want to (which has been an issue with me for about 6 years) and my BG spikes are like… nothing. I used to spike into the 400s pre-pregnancy. Now my “scary spikes” are 190. I can’t believe the difference. I may just be pregnant all the time to keep this going. haha.

Just kidding.

When my endo suggested that pregnancy was calming my autoimmune reactions, my husband suggested that I just stay pregnant for years :slight_smile: We’ll see about that!

When I found out I was pregnant my a1c was 6.7 and I am now 4 month pregnant and my a1c is 5.5
I have to go to my endo every two weeks so it has really pushed me to get into amazing control. I have a lot of lows some days it feels like I’m low every time I test. My lowest was 30 and my highest tha I tested was around 280 I believe.

Good luck to everyone