What's your read on my situation?

Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking and thought I would post.

In 2006 I had my first pysical that included a BG test.

The test came with a reading of 113. The Dr. sent me back in 3 months and I insisted on having the OGTT done as well. That test came back at 103 fasting and 118 OGTT at 2 hours. I’m in Canada, and this is considered normal.

In 2006 I was Dxd with Ulcerative colitis. Thankfully it’s a mild case of it and I’ve achieved remission for the most part…flares here and there though. It’s thought to be an autoimmune disease, but from reading, some medical people aren’t so sure.

In 2007 I had another test done and fasting came back at 104. Basically the same as the previous year. My Dr. asked me if I ever had GD and I told him I didn’t know because my Dr. at the time didn’t give me a test. He only tested my pee weekly. That was 27 years ago. My baby was large, 9lbs 13 oz, but he was more than 2 weeks late.

In 2007 I decided that even though considered ‘normal’ it would be beneficial to purchase a meter. Over cautious…perhaps.

I’ve tested myself at all different times of the day, fasting (then 2 hours after meals. Recently I’ve been testing at 1 hour to see if that’s when I peak. My after meal numbers are usually around 110-115 at one hour (I’ve only done this a few times) and at 2 hours it’s 100 or just a little over. This is after eating whole wheat spaghetti, turkey burger on a whole wheat bun, rice with meals etc, even a very occasional fast food burger. The highest I’ve ever been, and it was only 1 time is 158 at 2 hours after a filet 'o fish and fries at McDonalds . The odd time it’s been 130ish, but very, very rarely.

I always make sure I’m having some lean protein and veggies with my carbs (low GI, usually).

I test for a week or so every few months to see what’s going on…checking for changes. For months I had been at 84 fasting and 95-110 - 2 hours after most meals.

In the last couple of weeks my fasting has been 97-104 and my after meal nos. are about 100-115. It seems they’ve jumped just a little. I am having a slight flare with my colitis, so I’m not sure if that could have something to do with it.

This increase could be totally normal for me, as I go for weeks without testing and it could be that this does happen and I just don’t know it because I’m not testing at the time.and around for a while?

The reason I’m posting here is to maybe see what you guys think could be going on with me. Am I PD, type 1.5 or normal?

I’m a 50 year old female, 5’6" weighing about 130lbs. I have low blood pressure, great cholesterol, so obviously not the typical type 2. I do know that type 2’s can be slim though.

I don’t know my family history as I was adopted, so I’m sort of flying blind as to what might be down the road for me. I’m also curious to know more about LADA. I assume that if I did have GD 27 years ago, and had autoimmune D it would have manifested itself by now in a bigger way than slightly high fasting nos., or can it hide in there waiting…I really don’t know.

Would my fasting and PP nos. have gone up since I first found out my nos. were a little high 3 1/2 years ago? They’ve basically stayed the same even though I don’t eat a totally low carb diet.

I realize no one can Dx me on a message board, but would be interested to read what your thoughts on my situation are. Thanks very much for reading this.

The numbers you post suggest that were you diabetic, you would be considered “well controlled” with diet and exercise… i.e., perfectly normal blood glucose readings. I would not be concerned unless-and-until you continually run over 110 for morning fasting numbers or consistently over 130 for a 2-hour postprandial check.

Hi Norma,

Having an A1c test would give you a better idea of your BG than sporadic testing. There are OTC A1c tests you can purchase, but they’re not as accurate as one done by a lab. If it’s on the high side, you can ask for a C-peptide test (measures how much insulin your pancreas is producing) & a GAD antibody (measures if your pancreas is under attack).

I was diagnosed as Type 1 at 53 with no history of diabetes in my family. Technically, I guess I’m LADA:)

Your numbers aren’t anything to be alarmed about & it’s great to keep an eye on things!

Thank you for your thoughtful answers.

I’m in Canada, and we don’t have OTC A1C tests here, so that’s not really a possibility. Also, from what I’ve read a person can have really good A1C nos. and be spiking really high after meals. That’s why I’ve been testing myself 1 hr. PP lately, to see those nos. So far they haven’t been going high at all. I will ask my Dr. to see if he’ll authorize one at my next physical though.

I will admit that the thought of LADA scares the crap out me, so I guess I’m trying to put my mind at ease that these borderline nos. that I get aren’t’ heading in that direction. I know it seems silly to worry about something that might never be, but my perimenopausal mind isn’t very reasonable. :slight_smile:

Most of the accounts I’ve read, the LADA seemed to come on suddenly. I can’t really find anything that says what the pre-diabetic period was. I guess it’s because fasting nos. are often normal and no one goes on to test PP nos. because of that.

My nos. have remained static, with slight variations up or down for over 3 years now. Would they likely have taken a jump by now if LADA was where I was headed?

I know there are tests that can be done, like the GAD test, but my Dr. won’t send me for them as he doesn’t even consider me Pre-D. If I have more information on it though perhaps he will. I understand that knowing won’t change the outcome, but knowing early could be helpful in managing it.

I appreciate you reading my ramblings. Thanks.

Hi Norma,

Maybe your doctor would agree to a lab A1c, or you could order an OTC A1c from a US on-line company. The do-it-yourself ones aren’t as accurate, but it would still give you a better idea.

An A1c is an average. When people are diabetic & on insulin, the high spikes are often averaged out by lows–hence a decent A1c. You’re probably not having lows, so an A1c would give you a clearer picture of what’s going on.

Afraid no one can tell you if your slight variations will lead to LADA. Only lab testing over a period of time could answer that.

You’re right to stay on top of this & be careful.

Wow Norma, if most people were as tuned in to what they eat and how it affects them as you are, the diabetes epidemic would not be nearly as big an issue. I think most folks on this site would commit criminal acts to get test results like you are having. If I were in your situation with your diet, monitoring, and other positive health attributes, I don’t think I’d spend a lot of time worrying about it. If it is Type 2 or LADA, you will be able to catch the rise in your BG very early with your monitoring program.

When I got my initial (mistaken) diagnosis of type 2, I kind of blew it off with vauge self delusions that I would eat better and excercise more and it would all just go away. Congratulations on your dilligence!


Hi Norma, I’m not overweight, my blood pressure is usually in the 90/50’s and have normal cholesterol. I don’t really think there is a “typical” Type 2 diabetic. I am a diagnosed Type 2, controlled by diet only and test only once a week. I would hate to poke my fingers that many times, but I do believe everyone should do what feels best for them. You’re right, no one can diagnose you here, but if you log all your blood sugars for about a week and show them to your doctor, then he/she can go from there…maybe order an A1c test for you? Have you had one yet? I get this test done every 3 months. I know that one day I may not have a choice, but for right now, I prefer that to meter testing. As far as diet, I meet with a dietician quarterly and she has helped me loads! Good luck and I’m glad you decided to post in here. It’s nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

I just read somewhere that Canada does not have A1c testing? Suerly they must have something similar there?

Thank you for your replies Dale and Alisha.

I really do try not to worry about it Dale, but this perimeno seems to have taken my normal brain on vacation :wink: I never used to be like this at all. I seem to go through phases of worrying about everthing and then things settle out. I’m obviously in a worrying cycle right now.

Alisha, They do have A1c test here in Canada…just can’t purchase them at the pharmacy. I’m going to ask for one at my next physical even though the Dr. says I’m perfectly normal. Sometimes I believe him, sometimes I don’t.

Did you ever have the GAD test to see if you are actually a type 2 Alisha? I don’t like sticking my fingers much either. That’s why I only do it every few months for about a week at a time. If you rely mostly on the A1c, how do you know what your numbers are doing after eating? The A1c just averages out you numbers over a few months doesn’t it. So if you were having low lows and high highs your A1c could come back looking very normal.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Hey Norma -

I did have the GAD test, with a highly positive result in the 40 range. Since I’m in my 40s the initial diagnosis had been type 2 until I had that test, even though I also did not otherwise fit any 'typical" type 2 profiles in terms of weight, blood presure, and the other usual suspects. I really hadn’t had any specific symptoms that I could put a finger on prior to diagnosis, but I sure feel a lot better now that I’m controlling my BGL. I just have a lot more energy now and an ability to focus my thoughts that had been scarily slipping away.

I’m only doing one shot of Lantus a day (an issue in itself apparently now based on the recent news of a possible cancer link), but I still test 4-5 times a day. My last A1c was good (6.3), but I was worried about post meal spikes too. My endocrinologist hooked me up to a continuous glucose monitor for 4 days so we could see what was happening. I was extremely focused on my carbs and exercise during that period, I guess because I was attached to an electronic tattle-tale, so my results were almost entirely within my target (70-140) range to the astonishment of my endo. He now thinks I am exercising fantastic control, but I wish I had relaxed a bit and been a bit more “real world” during the time I was on the CGM. Oh well, it is good to know I CAN control it well when I really focus on it, it’s just that the rest of my life gets in the way!

I’d highly recommend getting the A1c and perhaps the CGM test period to graph what is happening between all those finger sticks. I think it is impossible to gather too much information when managing your health.

Best of luck in your quest for a diagnosis!


Hi Norma: I know that you have wondered if you may have LADA (adult onset Type 1 diabetes). The definitive, gold standard test for Type 1 autoimmune diabetes (at any age of onset) is antibody testing (glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GADA), islet cell antibodies (ICA), and insulinoma-associated (IA-2) autoantibodies). The out-of-pocket expense for the test is less than $500, perhaps worthwhile. A c-peptide test is also very useful to indicate how much insulin production you have. I hope all goes well for you and that you get the answers that you seek.


My read is that you are doing the right testing at the right times - fasting and one hour pp. You are handling it just right. An ultimate diagnosis is not going to change anything from what you are doing. I admire your work at it.

I’m sorry, but I am not sure what you mean by ‘handling it just right’. What is there to ‘handle’? She had a OGTT three years ago that was normal, and all readings that she has reported have been well within acceptable ranges. I agree that if a 20 year-old has a fasting glucose of greater than ~100, you might want to do some tests…and her doctor had a 47 year-old with the same BS and ordered more tests…and then found everything was normal. There is nothing to indicate that there is any problem to begin with, and additionally, she has already taken the dietary recommendations that any professional would suggest…

Why does this deserve attention?

OTC ( does this mean over the counter ??)… not available in Canada ?? I recall being able to purchase this from pharmacies about 10 years ago …Since I am frugal ( call me cheap ) I go to the lab every 3 months . I believe our Our Diabetes Clinic has the machine and uses it for the kids, that come to the Clinic , rather than them having to go to the lab ( less stressful for them ??)

Yes Alisha (and just noticed Norma replied to you) - we have A1c testing (as they do all over the world) . It’s not just in America. The only thing that we don’t have is the ability to buy OTC A1c testing kits like those that can be purchased in the States. We have to go either to a government funded clinic.(e.g. hospital or some provinces have small community clinics) for the A1C test. You require a doctors prescription for this type of test as well.

I think you are doing really well Norma - considering how healthy you eat and watch yourself (better then many of us I might add).

You’ve got a great bunch here at Tudiabetes to answer any of your concerns (I know they’ve helped me out a few times). So, don’t be shy - come into the play pen of Tudiabetes once inawhile and join in!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to talk to me.

I’m going to continue to eat well (with a little cheating here and there) and monitor my BG. I’m going to ask for an A1c test at my next yearly physical just to get a bigger picture.

I must admit, I still don’t know where I stand as far a whether I’m PD or not. I have asked in a few forums and always end up at square one.

Some people tell me, yes, you definitely have a problem, others tell me to go worry about other things in my life because there’s obviously no problem. My Dr. is in the latter group.

Thanks again. I will check in here periodically to see if anyone else has added anything else to my query. Take care everyone.

Thanks for your reply who one.

I replied to the group in general at the bottom. You’re obviously one of those that thinks I don’t have a BG problem. This is why I get confused whenever I’ve asked this question in a diabetes forum.

Some say yes, some say no. I guess only time will tell, but I’m going to try not to worry about it at this point. Just live a healthy lifestyle and be happy.

Thanks for the suggestion. At this point my Dr. and many in the forums I’ve posted in don’t think I even have a BG problem. The LADA worry is something that’s on me and my overactive peri-menopausal brain :slight_smile:

If anything ever did develop, I don’t think it could sneak up on me that’s for sure. Take care.